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I’m Smiling Because… 9/28/2013

Ignazio+Boschetto+80th+Annual+Rockefeller+KNTSVJAhn4rl  It’s smiles all around for the guys after yesterday’s successful concert (if the Twitter feeds are at all accurate, that is a gross understatement) at Radio City Music Hall!   It was amazing seeing that dream come true for them, wasn’t it?

And yes, I know that picture is from last season, but it’s from New York, so I thought is was appropriate.  😉


So what made you smile this week?



I’m smiling because…



I’m Smiling Because….


Welcome to the second week of “I’m Smiling Because…”. 😊

Last week went really well, I didn’t have the heart to close the comments on Monday as planned.  I’m also working on limited capacity from my iPhone while my computer is in the shop, so I can’t close those comments right now.  Let’s just keep the fun rolling on this post, shall we? 😀

You know what to do…

I’m Smiling Because…

I’m Smiling Because….

Hi Everyone!

Has everyone been having fun reading about all the concerts?  I hope so.  Please, don’t be shy about submitting pictures or an experience story.  I know there are still good ones out there; we’d love to hear them.

We would like to kick off a new feature today.  It will be something we do once weekly to send us into the weekend with positive attitudes, and something that reminds us to “Smile” in spirit of the guys.  I hope you will find it fun.

Your reason does not have to be Il Volo related. 🙂


Finish this sentence:   “I’m smiling because….”