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Il Volo Professional: Amici!

Ciao a tutti!!

Hope everyone had a safe and blessed Easter!  There were many blessings sent forth from Kelly’s post!  🙂

There were several Instagram messages and FaceBook posts from the guys about their upcoming appearance on the fourth episode of “Amici di Maria de Filippi,” which aired on Canale 5 in Italy, on Saturday, April 15, 2017. (Thank you to Lisa Joy for posting it very quickly for all to see!)  This is another talent show in Italy.  This time, the guys were singing “My Way” for two competing male dancers.  It was a trio this time for this song and I thought the addition of Ignazio was incredible.  I loved the little jazzy softness he gave to the song and I always love when he goes for the high notes at the end.  They looked and sounded beautiful as always.

Although I did not dig too deep, I don’t know who won the dance competition?  My one friend said the guy in the white shirt should have won.  Maybe Daniela or Dani can fill us in?  🙂

For your listening and watching pleasure, here it is:

Thank you to Grazia Sabatini for some still shots from the program of  Ignazio and Piero.

A nice 4 picture arrangement of Piero!

piero amici

This has to be my favorite expression from Ignazio in this song!

igna amici

Although I did not see the same for Gianluca, I thought I’d add this one he sent us to wish us all a Buona Pasqua!  I didn’t think anyone would mind…. 🙂  On his Instagram, he said Erny took the picture – good job Erny!


Take care everyone and be patient!  Their next concert is just a week or so away!




Il Volo Off Stage: Goofing Off Is Hard to Do




Nothing like being taken care of by Mom… <3

And tonight’s gig went great and now I drink a nice hot herbal tea which calms.
Ah, overcooked, good though.



Bonus Footage:  When Grande Amore becomes an obsession…

Il Volo Professional ~~ San Remo Countdown

Hey Everyone!

We are counting down to San Remo, and just in case you’re like me and have been in hibernation, under the weather for 2 weeks,





Our guys!!!  Let’s take a moment to cheer about that…


Of course, the work is just beginning for The Guys, but we know they are up for the challenge, and I know IlVolovers will be there supporting them every step of the way.  Here is everything you need to know to help you do that; thank you, AAIV!

Good Luck Guys as you head to San Remo!

~~ The Flight Crew



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Rai Gulp
Rai Gulp

Click here —> Il Volo’s Competition ~~ Athina via LiJoy

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