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Hi Everyone,

1) It appears as if the time has come! Piero tweeted that he was on his way and Gianluca tweeted he was leaving tomorrow the 21st. We suspect they will meet in Rome and fly to North America from there. We still don’t know if they are flying directly to Vancouver or going to LA first. We’ll let you know.

2) Everyone is excited about “The Boys” being in a Disney film. We do not have any official word but we suspect Disney will film their concerts and turn it into a film. One Direction debuted their own film today in London called “All About Us”

3) Check out Gianluca’s tweet with a picture of his new watch. It’s a UBOAT by Italo Fontana. It has all kinds of dials and knobs, he seems very proud of it.

4) We’ve gotten some terrific poems in our comment section. We Have a lot of very talented Il Volo fans!

5) In checking Twitter feed we note that Il Volo Flight Crew-Share The Love is trending!! We couldn’t be more excited about the interest in our new “Baby”

6) The comments on ‘What is your favorite Song” will close Friday August 23rd at 8PM Eastern time. To all of you who did not pick one song please do so, so we can make it one favorite song!

7) A reminder again to watch “The Boys” on Hallmark Channel, Friday the 23rd at 12 noon.

Lets all get ready to welcome Il Volo back to North America!




Hi Everyone,

1) It’s pretty quiet in Il Volo Land. We are still awaiting the return of “The Boys” to The USA. We are hoping for their arrival, prehaps by next week, but no definite dates are available.

2) Gianluca tweeted this morning that “I have a cold, it makes me so nervous” I’m sure his mom is taking good care of him and giving a lot of chicken soup.

3) There is a sweet picture of Gianluca and his beloved Nonno.

4) Piero sent an Instagram of himself on a Vespa!
He is still frolicing on the beach with friends as vacations draw to a close.

5) No new word from Ignazio, he enjoys his privacy, it’s well deserved after being in the public eye so much.

6) Please take a trip around our Blog. Take the ” So you think you know The Boys” quiz.

7) Weigh in on our poll “What is your favorite song?”


In Case You Missed It…..August 14

Hi Everyone,

1) The highlight of the day of course was the appearance of Il Volo on “The Talk”! What can I say they were charming, funny and sang “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” like angels!

I was really pleased to see that the hosts gave them some time and asked good questions. Sharon Osbourne complemented them on their English. She also said she would be attending their concert at Radio City in New York. Gianluca was charming when talking about their fans. Ignazio was a riot flirting like crazy with Sheryl Underwood, he’s so funny! When he was singing his part, they showed a glimpse of her swooning! They got a long standing ovation!!

2) Check some photos on Mundial of Piero doing a water slide with his sister and a picture of the family barbecue.

3) Lreporter_aeroporto_megacityook on Mundial of more pictures of Ignazio partying with friends, they look like they always have a good time!

4) Gianluca’s Twitter page has a collage of him and Elvis in like poses, it was from one of his fans.
Gianluca also is using a new social media called “Brabble”, check it out.

5) See Mundial, they posted a video of “Beautiful Day”

I hope everyone got to see them today, if not I’m sure Mundial will have the video and you can catch it on Utube.


In Case You Missed it…..August 11

In Case You Missed It

thCAI1VE801.)  We would be remiss in not acknowledging the passing, at age 84 of singer, Eydie Gorme. Ms Gorme was a popular pop and jazz singer since the 50’s. She and her husband, Steve Lawrence toured the world as a duo for decades. She also did some spanish albums, notably “Amor” with her rendition of “Historia de Un Amor”.
Meheaton emailed this to “The Boy’s” manager, Michele Torpedine. Mr Torpedine did respond with his sympathies. I believe some of you received a copy of the e-mail.

2.) If you haven’t yet, check Il Volo Mundial Facebook for some very cute pictures of Gianluca with a fan, she looks so happy and he was very sweet with her.

3.) There is a notice on Mundial to show “The Boys” some respect and privacy in their private lives. Apparently there were some insulting tweets going on because Piero had a tweet from a Mexican actress.

4.) Il Volo will be special guests of “The Pooh” in Salerno on 8/12.  There is still no word on when they will return here to the USA.