La Famiglia Cristiana Interviews La Famiglia Il Volo By Giovanna

We’ve recently had so many intriguing posts about the Verona concert, the latest Il Volo TV interview, and the history of Il Volo, that I took a short break from writing and translating (while I worked at my day job)!  In any case, Flight Crew still wanted you to get the translation of an Il Volo interview article that appeared in Famiglia Cristiana magazine right before the Verona concert.
The Famiglia Cristiana article pursued some of the things many other interviewers have already asked the guys:  their memories, their feelings about returning to the stage, upcoming recordings.  But this article touched on one or two things that most of the media don’t usually get Il Volo to talk about:  supporting each other during crises, their faith, prayer, marriage, starting a family.  See if you agree with me that overall, Ignazio said the least, but revealed the most.
The Cover Story Title is “Exclusive:  Il Volo at the Arena of Verona in Concert for Morricone.  Once Again in Front of the Public.” The cover quote from the guys is “Our Strength?  It’s Our Friendship and Our Faith.”

This posting will be a little different than my previous ones, because I am giving you the actual magazine pages, so we can enjoy the whole thing together.  I put the translation of the call-out boxes into our own call-out boxes.  In case some of the magazine pages aren’t super sharp, we have also embedded some of the original shots here and there for you to enjoy.
(Each image in this post can be clicked on to view a larger version.)
As you can see below, the inside headline, besides repeating the cover, adds: “The Three Singers of Il Volo are the Stars of a Concert in Honor of Ennio Morricone, Whom We Lost One Year Ago.

When I first saw this article, it added to my impression that the Verona concert was dedicated to more different people than any other show I’ve ever heard.  Daniela’s and my translations of the stage talk from the concert over the past month showed that in addition to the show being dedicated to the memory of Maestro Ennio Morricone, Ignazio dedicated the concert to those we lost during the pandemic, and Piero dedicated it to Ignazio’s late father Vito.  Now, at the bottom of this magazine article, we see Gianluca’s statement “I’m dedicating this show to my grandfather Ernesto who recovered from the [Corona] virus.  It’s he who helped me discover the westerns of Sergio Leone.”

Sergio Leone, as you probably know is the Italian film director whose “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” featured Maestro Morricone’s music, and like the other two films in that trilogy, A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More, added up to help make Clint Eastwood a star.  Leone also directed the “Once Upon a Time” series of western films.  Given Leone’s Italia origins, he is the founder of the style that came to be called “Spaghetti Westerns.”
So, without further ado, here’s the translation of the article by Eugenio Arcidiacono. [Based on his name, he may actually be an archdeacon].
“The interview takes place remotely, with the three Il Volo guys linked by video from their homes.  But on June 5 will put them back together again for the first big concert in Italy with the public (a live audience) since the start of the pandemic: 6 thousand people will listen to them in the Arena di Verona during their tribute to Ennio Morricone one year after his loss (and the lucky ticketholders will be allowed to return home later than the curfew hour).  Many more are those who will follow them on TV, live on RAI1 and in other countries of the world, from the United States to Japan.  A great challenge after a year and a half of inactivity for Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto.“
“We’re only thinking about one thing:  finally, we get to sing.  We couldn’t stand it anymore!” exclaims Piero.  “We prepared for months, partly because for us it’s a totally new repertoire, with the exception of Il Più Ti Penso, a song that was constructed by blending themes from Once Upon a Time in America and from Malèna, which we included in our first album. 
EA: Did any of the other tracks have lyrics written purposely for you?
Ignazio: “No, they’ve already been performed with lyrics.  The only “gem” is Ecstasy of Gold from the Good the Bad and the Ugly:  the Morricone family gave it lyrics, so it was a debut performance.
Gianluca: “There have been so many tributes to Morricone, but this will be the very first time for a tribute done by a male group.  A tribute that will be translated to a CD that will come out after the summer.  Andrea Morricone came to us in the recording studio and will be a guest on the stage to conduct some of his father’s music.”
EA: You’ve been conducted by Ennio Morricone in concert in the Piazza Del Popolo in Rome in 2011.  You weren’t even 20 years old.  What memories do you have?
Gianluca: “It’s true, we return to being children when we think of him.  We were really naïve.  I remember that during the general rehearsals with a one-hundred-piece orchestra he gave me the cue to start singing, but I didn’t start.  Morricone turned to me [for not starting], and then I said to him,  “So you give me the start cue?’  I saw the first violinist turn white [with shock] because I addressed the maestro as “tu” [the familiar/intimate form of you, which is not supposed to be used to conductors and music directors].  But he just smiled at me and said to me ‘Guys, don’t worry about it.  I’ll deal with it.’”
EA:  What is the first film with his music that you saw?
Piero: “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso.  As a real Sicilian I recognized myself in that little boy who wanted to get away from his homeland to find his own way, and who listened to the adult he was most attached to, who counseled him to not get trapped by nostalgia. I’ve only cried a few times in my life, but when I saw it and heard that poignant music, I melted like a popsicle.”
Piero stops, and begins to hum the theme song from Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. “Who knows these notes? With our concert we want to make our audience take a dip into their past, rediscovering the emotions they experienced the first time they saw these films.”


Gianluca: “I, on the other hand, am fond of westerns, because I watched them with my Grandfather Ernesto, whom I’m extremely attached to.  When I let him hear The Good, the Bad and the Ugly sung by us, he got very excited.  I dedicate the concert and the CD to him, because at 87 years old he became sick with COVID and took a month in the hospital to recover.  We were very scared, but in the end, he made it.”
EA: The concert was originally expected to be in St. Peter’s Square, but instead became the season opener in the Arena of Verona.
Piero: “We thought of St. Peter’s Square because Morricone was from Rome, but they didn’t have the conditions to guarantee [everyone’s] safety there.  At the Arena of Verona, on the other hand, these conditions were present and it’s as magical a place as any, and recognized all over the world.  But we still want to return to St. Peter’s Square as soon as possible.”
EA:  Morricone has also composed musical scores thick with spirituality.  Will you also perform one of those?
Gianluca: “In Fantasy, a track based on the theme of Gabriel’s Oboe, from the film Mission, one of the most mystical melodies ever composed by the master, accompanied by words like “In fantasy exists a warm wind which blows over the cities, like a friend.  I dream of souls that are forever free.”
EA:  As ambassadors of Italian music to the world, what do you think about Maneskin’s victory at the Eurofestival?
Piero: “We’re very happy.  They are young people with great personality who present an “unpublished” side of Italian music to the outside:  rock.”
Gianluca: “They do a completely different genre than ours, but we like them.  We don’t listen to lyric music from morning to night.  I grew up with David Bowie and Elton John.”
EA: In these months of forced inactivity, how has the relationship among you been, especially as friends?
Piero: “We got to know each other better.  We talked a great deal, not just about music; and above all, we learned how to listen to each other.”
EA:  How do you feel about those three child prodigies who in 2009 appeared on Ti Lascio Una Canzone?
Piero: Much tenderness, but also pride.  We have been fortunate but also good at not getting sucked into the most ephemeral, fleeting parts of show business.  We have managed not to lose contact with reality, because we have always remained anchored to our families.
EA:  All three of you are believers and practicing [Catholics].  What reflections have sustained you in these times we’re living in?
Ignazio: “Like Piero said, this pandemic has made us grow as persons, because we have held each other up in difficult times, like the death of my father and the illness of Gianluca’s grandfather.  But our faith has been fundamental in helping us.  Prayer, in particular, has proven its power.”
EA: After the Arena of Verona, you won’t be doing concerts [in Italy] for the rest of the year.  You can take advantage of this to start having your families.
Gianluca: “I’m still such a kid, that I can’t imagine myself as a father.”
Piero: “For sure, the first of us to get married will be Ignazio.”
Ignazio: “Yes, it’s true that I have always dreamed of a wife and children.  With the job I do it’s not easy.  But I’ve been working on it…

Credit to Famiglia Cristiana and owners of all photos.

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  1. After the concert I watched Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. It won a lot of awards. I was most impressed by the actor who played the little boy (who was a guest a the concert). He only made two more movies, which is disappointing.

    1. Yes. Beautiful and moving film. My family emigrated from Sicily. They had the same experience as “Toto” and Piero – attached to their home, but need to be elsewhere to survive, grow up, and make a living. Whenever I visit, young people in Sicily still tell me that. Yes, Toto Cascio should have made more films.

      1. Jo Ann, I don’t know if you are saying that your family moved to the US, as mine did.
        But the story was multiplied thousands of times. The people who had the courage to leave have certainly enriched our culture.
        Am I being too controversial again?

  2. Giovanna, With the subject of faith comes introspection.
    Thank you, we might have missed this interview.
    Great job !

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I like writing the pieces about the guys as people. They don’t share all that much on certain subjects, so it’s a rare thing.

  3. Having these accounts of the IlVolo guys and their lives, is so wonderful especially for those of us watching and listening from far away. I care about them as I’ve never cared for other than my own family. I’m happy not to be fed with gossip and sensational reports, but love knowing these three genuine personalities as wonderful people who add to the beautiful fabric of life. My literal prayer for them each day is tha
    t they will remain safe from the trappings of modern day show business.
    Thank you for this and your protection of their personal lives!

    1. I agree with you. As Jana has written on this site, our invitation is “Share the Love” not “Share the Gossip.” There are plenty of media forums where the guys get plastered with show business rumors and trash. When I first joined Flight Crew, the team told me we will not do that.
      I’m sure they appreciate your prayers. There are some forums where the guys occasionally tell what they are praying for (a family they are holding up whose child has terminal cancer, for example). When we see those again, we’ll try to share them.

  4. Thank you for the translation. Always eager to read anything printed about the guys and so happy for this site as I don’t understand a word of Italian but listening to the guys every day I am starting to sing in Italian and have no idea what I am singing; These guys have taken over my life as they are like a family to me as mine have all passed on except for two nieces and all the posts I read from fan clubs from all over the world.

    1. I got a chuckle out of your singing and not having any idea what you’re singing!! May I join your club??? BTW, I got two Italian/English translation books from my library and will try and decipher some of the songs and quotations.

      1. Did you know there are web pages that provide translations of every word of all the guys’ songs?

    2. Don’t feel bad about singing with no idea what you’re saying. Enjoy yourself. You are actually singing some formal Italian, and for some songs (“Torna a Sorriento,” “O Sole Mio,” “Caruso,” “Funiculi, Funicula”) the Napolitano dialect. You’re getting a real education.

      I’m also almost the oldest living generation of my family, too, like you. So other than my son and his wife, I adopt other young people as my “kids”, like you.

      1. Jo Ann, Thanks for this great translation. I see Ignazio working hard on a possible future relationship 😊. Good luck to him.
        I have a binder full of their songs, at least 50, that I printed in Italian and English from lyric translations available on line. I need to catch up with them now. Usually I put on a cd and get the song printouts out and sing along the best I can. Of course only when I am alone. I still can’t speak Italian but I can sing along with them. Can’t wait for the new CD.
        Keep up the good work ladies, we love you for all you do for us. Ciao!

      2. Wasn’t thinking so much of translating their songs, as translating some of their earlier impromptu interviews. At 89 yrs. of age, I’ve outlived my six siblings, but have numerous nieces, nephews, step-children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Boy, am I ever old!!!

  5. Thank you, Giovanna (Jo Ann) for the great post and translation of the articles. What with your latest posting, Susan’s and Daniela’s in the last week, or so, it is a race to keep up with all you three have written!!! But, don’t stop as we all look forward to hearing about our three marvels, aka Gianluca, Igna, and Piero.

    1. Don’t blame me! 😉 I only wrote two in the past two months. Other folks in Flight Crew are far more productive than I am.

  6. Another wonderful article – thank you Giovanna !! I, like all of us on here, can’t get enough of our guys and I always look forward to the translations. You all do such an awesome job, and here I am still using my Google Translate, so I think it’s time to learn Italian properly !! Have a great weekend !! 😊

  7. Thank you Giovanna for translating this article and sharing it with us. The boys are always so honest in answering good questions from interviewers. I was not a fan of Maneskins at Eurovision but everyone has different tastes. The boys always give credit and praise to others even though it has not always been given to them. They are truly special and I am always so impressed when they speak about the love of their families and each other. They have had good values instilled in them and they show it in all they do.

    1. You’re right. They have normal moods (I’ve seen some of them) but good values from strong families. That’s probably part of why they have been gracious even when the media have been abusive to them.

  8. Grazie, Jo Ann for the unexpected and awesome translation of this article. It never ceases to amaze me how mature, honest and sincere Ignazio, Gianluca, and Piero are during these interviews. I have come to think of them as family over these past twelve years, and I am so proud of them. By the way, I agree Ignazio revealed the most in this interview.

    1. This was not the first time I’ve heard Piero say the guys are learning to stop the arguing and listen to each other, or to hear Ignazio say he is dependent on God and prayer. I’ve heard him say that on Italian TV, too. But, like you, I’m also always proud when they are so sincere.

  9. Thank you, as always for the insight and pure joy!

    I hope they always have the best people for them in their lives.


    1. Prego! You’re very welcome. I hope they have the best people in their lives, too, especially great young women.

  10. JoAnn,
    Thank you so much for all the time and effort for all your writings.
    The guys are beyond outstanding.
    Sounds like Ignazio is on a serious path.
    My only hope that his seriousness about marriage and family will be not be the end of the Iilvolo as we know it.

    1. You’re welcome. I don’t think Ignazio’s desire for family will end Il Volo! That’s not the plan and Ignazio has never said anything like that.

      I also don’t know if Ignazio has a serious relationship with any young lady or not, or just means he is seriously looking for one. Who knows?

  11. Thank you Giovanna for another very interesting posting on our special guys. As for Ignazio, my heart is just heavy thinking of how he had to cope with his Dad’s illness and to be strong for his mom and sister.Their was such sadness in his eyes at the Morricone concert but it didn’t stop him from giving an outstanding performance . When Gianluca and Piero talk about the strong bond they have with their grandpa’s again I feel a heavy heart for Ignazio who has, I believe lost both sets of grandparents and now his Dad.
    In interviews going back a few years he would say that he hoped to meet someone special that he could return home to after a hectic tour. No surprise in that interview that he is working on it! And yes Giovanna Ignazio said the least but revealed the most!!❤️

    1. Yes. It’s heartbreaking that Ignazio’s family has been decimated by multiple losses of his grandparents and his dad. I still have a picture somewhere of him sitting at a table with his elders that he titled “Life Lessons”. It’s understandable that he’s focused on restoring and growing his family. He deserves some stability and someone to come home to, who shares that vision.

  12. Thank you, Giovanna, for this translation. I really appreciate it and look forward to all of them. Like Rose Marie, I also have copied Il Volo songs from the internet, both in Italian and the English translations. I, too, sing along many of the songs and it’s a good way to learn some Italian vocabulary and pronunciations (by comparing the Italian with the English side by side) I frequently use my dictionaries, too, to clarify some words.
    I hope you never run out of time or energy to translate Il Volo interviews or stories, but I suspect that it’s
    a labor of love on your part – and we fans truly appreciate you for that. Thank you, again !

  13. My thanks also, it is such a joy to share these stories…..these guys are so special, so down to earth with their feet firmly on the ground. They know who they are and what they want from life….my hope for them is that they find it. Especially Ignazio who we all seem to have a soft spot for….there is a vulnerability about him that he hides.
    I have been lucky to see many live performances in my life, but never have I seen the level of “pure” entertainment that these guys give their audience….they give us every bit of themselves….the fun and humour and the magical music…I have not had the joy of seeing Il Volo perform live……it is on my Bucket list but sadly Covid will probably make that impossible……But dreams as they say are free and it is something to dream about….in the meantime I have learned to be grateful for
    u-tube…what would we do without it.
    Thankyou again lovely people, please take care in these difficult times.
    Bestwishes from Australia.

    1. Don’t give up hope of seeing Il Volo live. COVID’s grip on life will pass. Il Volo will be back outside of Europe in 2022. I hope it happens for you.

    2. A lot of people do have a soft spot for Igna. You’re probably right. While he is naturally joyful and good-natured, some of that might be his way of covering vulnerability and coping with the losses that have happened to him.

      1. I agree about Ignacio, and I worry about his vulnerability. I pray that God sends him his perfect match to complete his life. I wish that for each of them! I too bounce through Google translate to understand the words to their beautiful songs. But honestly, the emotions and sometimes passion, some through without the words. When they sing about love, you can lose yourself and feel like they are singing right to you. Foolish right? It’s like seduction by music!!! Ok, I’m way too old for these words but feel like most on this site would fave to be honest and agree with me!!!!!

  14. There are so many people in countries all over the world who enjoy their concerts without knowing the words to their songs!

    1. Of course. There’s so much to enjoy besides the words – the well-known melodies, the spectacular voices, the playfulness, the jokes in multiple languages the affectionate gestures to the crowd. Even without the lyrics, what’s not to like?

  15. Thank you so much Giovanna for translating this for us. There was so much interesting information here, but I especially liked reading about Il Volo’s supportive friendship and their faith. I love reading the fan comments, as they put my thoughts into words in a way that I never could.

  16. You’re welcome. It is nice to me too, to see the guys are young men of faith.

    I like reading the fan comments, too.

  17. I’m willing to publicly admit that I feel just like mhunterw wrote on July 18.
    “When they sing about love, you can lose yourself and feel like they are singing right to you. Foolish right? It’s like seduction by music!!!” That is so true for me too! Also, I was happy to learn that faith and prayer are important to the 3 of them. I pray for them and their families everyday. Grazie mille, Giovanna.

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