IL VOLO being interviewed on Porta a Porta


It had been a long time since we had seen a nice interview with “Uncle Bruno” in Porta a Porta, a really long time.
So enjoy the video and the translation I made for you!
Please click on the photo below to view the video.
Opening screen shot of the Porta a Porta show
VESPA = Tonight there will be a tribute to Ennio Morricone, then we will talk to these three guys we have met since childhood.
Let’s see this tribute to Morricone.
(Ecstasy of gold video begins)
(Vespa went to interview Il Volo in a hotel in Rome)
Glad to see you guys, we haven’t seen you in a while.
GIAN = Welcome, this time it is you who came to visit us.
VESPA = True, true. We are already ready for the interview, a marvel.
GIAN = We were just waiting for you.
(The Ecstasy of gold video continues and ends)
VESPA = Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble, my fellow countryman, and Piero Barone. We met outside and we haven’t seen each other since …..
I + G + P = Two and a half years.
IL VOLO being interviewed on Porta a Porta
VESPA = Two and a half years! And you have been stuck for 2 years for Covid on tour?
GIAN = We were on tour in March 2020 in the US and we canceled the last two concerts and …..
VESPA = And you ran home under the protective wings of your parents.
GIAN = Yes, it was March 13, in full lockdown, we came back during the worst period ..
IGNAZIO = We managed to catch one of the last flights that departed from America.
GIAN = A last minute flight.
VESPA = And now, after 2 years, you will be back in 100 cities around the world.
PIERO = There are 116 concerts.
VESPA = 116?
PIERO = 116.
Closeup of PIero
VESPA = Where do you start from?
PIERO = Let’s start from the US.
VESPA = When?
PIERO = In March, exactly, US-2 months, Europe, Italy many concerts …
VESPA = Italy where?
PIERO = Italy we will play a part in the summer season and the second part in the sports halls, therefore in the winter period.
VESPA = In short, there is a lot ..
PIERO = Then we will go to Japan, New Zealand and Australia and finish the world tour in South America.
VESPA = Well, a nice little program.
PIERO = We are excited.
VESPA = But that wonderful video that  you introduced us, was a tribute to Morricone, IL VOLO SINGS MORRICONE. So you will sing Morricone’s songs.
IGNAZIO = Yes, on tour ….
VESPA = And then your classics you will sing also in tour
IGNAZIO = Absolutely. Absolutely, the idea was born from the tribute we paid to Verona on June 5th, and from there the idea of a lineup also for next year’s tour was born, so it will all be centered on Morricone, and the rest will be the frame, the songs that have been important to us in recent years, such as Nessun Dorma, rather than O Sole Mio, or Grande Amore.
VESPA = What is your most successful song by far? Absolutely absolute.
GIAN = It is clear that 80% of our songs are still “covers” (successes of others), songs from the past rearranged, but having our song which was an unreleased song which is Grande Amore, allows us to have that extra pride of having our own song which is now part of the bel canto repertoire. (the video of Grande Amore in Sanremo starts)
VESPA = Morricone:  three very young (Il Volo), with a great teacher, who has dominated for many years, especially film music, but not only, what was your first meeting with Morricone?
When did you meet him?
PIERO = The first meeting with Morricone took place in the Forum studios in Rome, the studios he founded …
VESPA = Year ??
PIERO = Year 2011, during the recording period of our first album.
VESPA = 10 years ago
PIERO = We crossed him for 7-8 months and talked in the corridors. We must admit that we, then, did not have the awareness of who we were in front of.
IL VOLO being interviewed on Porta a Porta
VESPA = And how was the songs born?
IGNAZIO = For pandemic!
GIAN = We tried not to live this period passively, try to be optimistic and stimulate creativity. This project was born from a common idea, we definitely wanted to surprise, to make something unique and therefore, especially the choice of the repertoire, it was difficult but at the same time stimulating, because singing The Ecstasy of gold for the first time, with a text in English, written by his son Andrea Morricone, allowed us to enter the master’s world and each time we discovered something new.
VESPA = You have also collaborated with another great Oscar winner: Vittorio Storaro, our great friend.
How did you relate?
IGNAZIO = We have been looking for an idea to develop together for years. Maestro Storaro came up with this idea, a tribute to the maestro Morricone, with a video of : YOUR LOVE …
GIAN = Once Upon a Time in the West soundtrack …
VESPA = A Morricone classic.
IGNAZIO = …. and the idea of the Maestro Storaro was that everything comes from the womb of the earth and hoping that this period of pandemic can be useful to many people and that art can help to restart.
VESPA = So now we will hear a co-production: Morricone – Storaro – Il Volo, mamma mia, let’s hear.
(the beautiful video in Frasassi, begins)
Il Volo Sings Morricone
PIERO = We would like to explain the title, because we have chosen Il Volo Sings Morricone.
Because Maestro Morricone is not only a man whose work is celebrated, but Morricone has created a genre of his own, and it is a whole world to discover, and we feel honored, we have entered the repertoire of all the works of Ennio Morricone in tiptoe, with the utmost humility and we are satisfied with this work, and giving voice to its melodies, is a very big responsibility, but it is a great satisfaction.,
VESPA = So, tomorrow 10 November is the anniversary of the birth of Maestro Ennio Morricone, who was born in 1928, and Il Volo will celebrate it, together with Rai 1, they broadcast in prime time, the replica of an extraordinary concert that you have made this summer at the Arena di Verona and which had  extraordinary numbers of audiences these days, exceeding 5 million listeners.
Now we will listen to “Se Telefonando”, which is a very curious co-production, with the words of Maurizio Costanzo (well-known Italian TV presenter), the voice of Mina (very famous Italian singer), so beware guys (nobody dares to imitate Mina, considered sacred monster of Italian music), and the music of Ennio Morricone.
PIERO = There is a nice anecdote, by Ennio Morricone, because when we started studying the repertoire, but above all the person who was Ennio Morricone, we discovered the birth of Se Telefonando.
Morricone was doing the queue at the post office to pay a bill, he hears the ambulance, and from the notes, from the sound of the ambulance, Se Telefonando is born.
VESPA = Think a little like a sound, somehow sinister, anonymous….
PIERO = It makes you understand the genius of this man.
VESPA = … a song can be born, one of the most beautiful songs, Let’s listen to it.
(starts Se Telefonando from the concert of the Arena)
Guys, how did you find me? Good?
IGNAZIO = You are in great shape.
PIERO = Perfect. Last time in New York you were jogging with us, at 7 am you had already done two hours of jogging.
(begins a video of Il Volo and Vespa in New York).
VESPA = I’m thinking back to you, now seeing you, I’m thinking about how you were 8 years ago, when you first came to Porta a Porta.
GIAN = But you were one of the first to believe in us and we had wonderful experiences with you, in New York with Woody Allen, then Maestro Vittorio Storaro told me wonderful stories with Woody Allen with whom he collaborated.
Closeup of Gianluca
PIERO = You know that you are always in our thoughts, because you personally gave me great advice.
I am an addict of the news, I am too curious and every day I always watch all the news and it is a piece of advice you gave me 6 years ago, about culture, reading books, because I asked you for advice on a book and you advised me: “Read all the news every morning, from the first to the last page.” It was difficult, a trauma the first few days, and now I can’t do without this.
VESPA = See that good I am, I also give good advice!
PIERO = I tell it, that always was Bruno Vespa who gave me this advice.
VESPA= Now we see Il Volo as they were as young boys, even if they are still children, I really find them still young in an embarrassing way.
Wait a minute, let’s go to December 17, 2013.
(the video of that evening starts, Un Amore così Grande)
VESPA = How have you changed over the years? I remember that you (Piero) at the Metropolitan had some good ideas, did you carry them out?
PIERO = Always, my course of study continues, you know very well that I am a great admirer of opera. I am curious, I like to discover, new works, new arias, it is a path that I am taking on a parallel track.
VESPA = But when will you feel ready to do a work?
IGNAZIO = He has to hurry up, because we too want to hear something ….😁
VESPA = Eh, exactly !!
PIERO = But it is something that goes slowly, I am not in a hurry, the priority , the focus, the maximum concentration is on the Morricone project.
VESPA = And you Gianluca what do you want to do when you grow up?
GIAN = What do I want to be when I grow up? Let’s say that IL Volo is the priority. Our success, it must be recognized that it is the group …
VESPA = The three tenors too ….
GIAN = Artistically there are dreams in the drawer, maybe we will start …. I would like to study acting, but time, in reality there is none, there is little, because as Piero said, we must also chase dreams, personally , but the priority is the group, of course!
VESPA = And you Ignazio?
IGNAZIO = Well, I’ve always had the dream of making my music known, because I like to write.
This year I had one of the greatest satisfactions, I wrote the theme song for Makari, this fiction that was a champion of ratings …
VESPA = Good!
IGNAZIO = Yes, and behold, Il Volo has always been the priority and will be the priority. But it is also possible to give free rein to ideas, thoughts…
VESPA = But it’s nice to hear someone else sing your own song, in my opinion, you write it and someone else sings it….
IGNAZIO = Actually, we sang it, so: perfect.
GIAN = He said in general, as an author, as a composer.
PIERO = You will never get rid of him. ( Ignazio).
VESPA = But how is he? (Ignazio)
GIAN = He is the most exuberant.
PIERO = No, he is the most messy. Ignazio is disorder itself.
GIAN = Yes we (him and Piero) are more precise.
PIERO = There is the interview with Bruno Vespa at 6:00 pm, 9:00 pm, 10:00 pm, he, 5 minutes earlier, still sleeping …
VESPA = He comes fresh fresh.
GIAN =  We let’s go to  wake him up singing!
IGNAZIO = It’s just that I have sleep problems. I can’t sleep at night, I go to bed too late, and when I wake up too early, I struggle…
Closeup of Ignazio and Gianluca
GIAN = We are in New York, Piero and I are going to run in Central Park, Ignazio is waiting for us at the hotel and we have breakfast together.
VESPA = I understand, Ignazio is waiting for you.
Let’s try to understand better with this video, who are the guys from Il Volo.
(start a video)
VOCE DI DONNA = It is a long tribute to the maestro Morricone, the latest Il Volo album coming out these days.
An overwhelming journey, in 14 songs, into the art of one of the greatest composers of the 20th century, including reinterpretations, additions of lyrics and even an unpublished piece.
And to think that Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble were little more than kids, when they came to visit us for the first time in Porta a Porta at the beginning of their success.
An atypical boy band, which first established itself abroad with an important recording contract in the US, and only later in our country.
In America, thanks to the intuition and guidance of the inseparable manager Michele Torpedine, they lined up an admirable series of records, they perform, the only Italians at the We Are the word for Haiti concert, invited by Quincy Jones himself, next to stars the likes of Barbra Streisand, Bono and Lady Gaga.
They are guests of Ellen DeGeneres between applause and standing ovations. They even light up the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center.
And then world tours, millions of records sold, the Nobel Prize ceremony in Oslo.
In Italy, however, success was not long in coming, also consecrated by the victory at the Sanremo Festival in 2015.
Success also repeated with the podium 4 years later, which sees them win third place, with the song “Musica che Resta”, written among others, also by Gianna Nannini.
With the first money they help parents, they continuously thank life and the opportunities received. In short, bel canto, family, values, sobriety and respect, especially among them, principles that are not taken for granted in particular in the entertainment world, which become one of the weapons of their celebrity.
They hand down great classics without changing them, modernizing them visually, it is the boys in sneakers who sing Nessun Dorma and O Sole Mio, to use their words.
From March 2022 a tour with over 100 concerts awaits them, an expected reunion with the public after the stop of the pandemic, to continue to proudly bring Italy and its beauty around the world.
IL VOLO being interviewed on Porta a Porta
VESPA = So guys, are you ready ??
Between now and March, when will you leave, what do you do?
PIERO = Now there will be the promotional tour of this album, IL Volo Sings Morricone, we will leave in a couple of days for the US, Spain ….
VESPA = So, this album that came out last week, at the same time all over the world ….
GIAN = Exactly, all the melodies of the maestro Morricone, from Nuovo Cinema Paradiso ….
VESPA = But do you realize, for heaven’s sake, since I have seen you grow … simultaneously all over the world, it means that on the same day, in Shanghai, in London, in New York, in Sicily, in Abruzzo….
GIAN = Also in Abruzzo, exactly.
PIERO = The greatest satisfaction is to be back on tour. Yes, the album is beautiful, and tell what we did in the recording studio. But an artist needs the stage, it’s a need you can’t do without.
VESPA = It’s true.
GIAN = This time, after two years of silence, more than ever.
We will tour the melodies of maestro Ennio Morricone, with a large orchestra, and also singing the most beautiful songs of our repertoire. We would like, to give you Morricone’s cd …
VESPA = Thanks, thanks guys! Good luck, you deserve everything you’ve had and much that you’ll still have.
G + I + P = Thanks !!
VESPA = Goodnight.
IL VOLO in blue suit jackets and white shirts, no tie
As you heard in the interview, on 10 November, in memory of Morricone’s birth, RAI1 re-proposed the concert in Verona.
Before the concert began, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, had posted this short video.
IGNAZIO = Today is November 10th, it is a special day, the day when the master Ennio Morricone would have turned 93 years old.
He is no longer here with us, but it is as if he were.
Silence never fell on him, because he left us a world full of music.
GIAN = We were in this place where everything talks about him.
It is his recording studio in Rome, which has been his second home for many years. It is here that he recorded most of his unforgettable soundtracks.
PIERO = We have dedicated, with respect and love, a concert with the music of the master, which aired last June.
Tonight RAI1 broadcasts it again, as if it were a way to thank him and thank him in a very small part, the immense gift he gave us.
G + I + P = Happy Birthday, master! ❤❤❤
dual photo of IL VOLO then and IL VOLO now
Really a pleasant chat between friends, we hope that Bruno Vespa will make us these surprises again, inviting Il Volo a Porta a Porta.
The best wishes for a happy birthday made by our boys to Maestro Morricone are very sweet.
The promotion of the new CD continues, there will still be new meetings and new translations.
Unfortunately, the concert scheduled for November 27 in Austria was canceled due to Covid.
We still haven’t gotten out of this pandemic. 😑

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Still I can’t thank you enough for all the work you put into translating for us, I appreciate this so much. It is fabulous to know and understand what is going on in their world. They are the greatest. Their music and the way they think is remarkable. In all of these years since they were teens I can’t get enough of their music. Their feelings and devotion to their families is something you don’t see here anymore, I feel so lucky to have a family like theirs, very loving…. they work very hard to achieve their goals. Absolutely love them. I wish they never change it’s so refreshing to see great talents be so humble.

    1. Maureen, the fact that you appreciated what you read is for me the best compliment.
      Yes, they are three fantastic people and I still read, among the Italian comments, that they are good, but haughty, which is really very false.

      1. Haughty!!! They have got to be joking. Some folks are never happier than when pulling somebody else to shreds. Basically if they can’t say something nice about three wonderfully talented, good looking, thoughtful and obviously intelligent young men, then one can only feel sorry for them.

        At least we all appreciate them, and how you bring them to life with your translations. I wish you and the rest of the team all the best that life can bring for your generosity and kindness.

        Hugs Roz 😉

  2. Thank you so much for the translation, so very much appreciated.

    Although I am unlikely to be able to see them in concert I do appreciate the fact that their management releases official videos from time to time. In the case of the new CD there have been three so far. Too much to hope there will be more, especially the songs we have not heard them sing in the past. Ok, I know, I want to have my cake and eat it!

    Hugs Roz

    1. Roz, I’m sorry that you can’t go to see them in a concert, believe me, their voices, live, are much more beautiful and powerful.
      However there are endless videos of their songs on you tube, and even on this site, if you go backwards, you can find many interesting things,

      1. Thanks Daniela, I have found loads of stuff since I first discovered the boys by accident. They were boys too in those first videos. I was checking something out on Snopes, though I forget what, obviously wasn’t that important.

        I noticed a headline about were these the sons of the three tenors. Well of course Snopes scotched that one on the head, but being a fan of the three tenors I thought I should at least investigate. The rest as they say is history as I was immediately blown away by their voices and their humour.

        Ok so I doubt I will get to see them in person, but hey ho I can live with that. At least with all the videos on YouTube/Facebook, as well as the gift you ladies have of keeping us informed of what they are doing. So I can’t really grumble, just feel a wee bit envious at times. 😉
        Hugs Roz

  3. ” everything comes from the womb of the earth and hoping that
    this period of pandemic can be useful to many people and that art
    can help to restart” Beautiful metaphor for life after the pandemic.
    Also, in his case, loss of a father and new start with a new love.

    Each of the guys have grown so much during this year. So
    much has been expressed in these last few interviews
    Thank you Daniela and Pat.

    1. Yes, Martha, it’s a very suitable metaphor for these moments and also for the loss of Vito.
      Our boys are now young men with a lot of “salt in the pumpkin” as they say here!

  4. Sadly I wasn’t able to watch the video. It said it wasn’t available but thank you so much Pat and Daniela for the translation of Il Volo’s interview with Bruno Vespa. I have often wondered why we haven’t seen Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca with him for such a long time. He was a kind and wonderful supporter of them from early in their career. It’s nice that they acknowledge how good he was to them and that they appreciate him. I never tire of watching or reading their interviews. They are so articulate, thoughtful and generous. Just as a fan I am so proud of them, I can’t imagine how their dear parents feel. They are a treasure in so many ways!
    I hope Pat that are continuing to do well in your recovery.

      1. Thank you Pat. I was able to watch the youtube video. It was nice to see them together again. They looked great and are excited to begin touring and doing what they do best!

    1. Margaret, I hope after our Pat’s directions, you got to see the whole video, it’s so nice to see them chat with Uncle Bruno again. Yes, we missed these moments at Porta a Porta and we all wondered what had happened, but now it all seems past.

  5. Thank you, Daniela and Pat, for the translation of the interview with Vespa. I couldn’t see the video as I am not on FaceBook, but do appreciate reading of what had been said.
    As Margaret Ladolcetta said, they are very articulate, thoughtful and generous, as well as being humble and not letting their celebrity change their personalities in any way. Too many artists now go overboard with their style of life and ruin everything they had hoped for.
    Our boys, thankfully, are the exception.

      1. Thank you, Pat, for the youtube link to the interview with Vespa. I was able to enjoy our boys in their relaxed mode, once again.

        Hope you are continuing to heal and will be better than ever soon.
        Love, Dolores

      2. I don’t know where my reply to your information about the Youtube link went, But thank you, once again, Pat, for sending it to me.

        Hope you are getting better and will be all healed up soon.
        Love, Dolores

    1. Dolores, I also hope you got to see the video Pat sent you.
      I agree with you that many artists, after their success, slip into a bad way, but luckily it doesn’t seem that our boys lose their beautiful way of being.

    1. Now a trip to Dublin I could manage. I could make it a little holiday. Haven’t been to Ireland since 1990 something or other. Just have to get rid of this infernal Covid which appears to have raised its ugly head in a big way again in Europe.

  6. Thank you for this Daniela. I watch the interviews in Italian not understanding them then I watch them again while reading your translations. It’s so wonderful to be able to read it in English while watching. The guys seem so happy and relaxed in these interviews lately. I think they are so grateful to be back doing what they love. I am so happy for them. Thank you again and Pat too.
    I’m glad you are doing well and feeling better Pat

    1. Cathy, I’m happy to help you understand the interviews. Now I’m translating Radio Italia.
      Il Volo is doing a lot of publicity for the cd with many small events, so we don’t want to miss even one.

  7. Thank you so much for the translation, can’t wait for 7th October next year to come to Rome to see the boys x

  8. ❤️it’s nostalgic – the boys back at Porta a Porta with “Uncle Bruno”…
    I remember their Porta a Porta I’m New York very well….
    Grazie Daniela💕

  9. Another enjoyable interview with a few tidbits of new information that we love to hear. It’s wonderful to be able to alternate with the actual interview and your excellent translation, Daniela. We would miss so much without you–grazie mille! And to Pat for the link and the videos.

  10. Dear Daniela and Pat, My, my how wonderful to read your terrific translation of Uncle Bruno’s interview with our fine young men, thank you ever so much!! They have grown and matured but have not lost their love of their worldwide fans! So respectful, charming and fun in every interview, that’s one of the many reasons we love them as we do. I’m looking forward to their upcoming tour and will be in the beautiful Chicago Theater to cheer them on and on and on. Thank you again, you are appreciated for your hard work more than you know.

  11. Harriett, your reactions and comments to the translated interviews entice me to go on and translate other things for you. It is good to know that your work is appreciated.
    Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in this promotion period are continuous spins, one day here, one day there, and we have to keep up with their movements. 🙂

  12. Ah, finally somebody brings it up to Flight Crew. Australia and Japan? But never a mention of the Emerald Isle! Maybe they think we’d expect “Danny Boy”? There have been many great Irish tenors, but they just age out.

    1. I don’t want Kathleen to be taken home again either! My favourite Irish tenor was Frank Patterson, especially his version of Lady of Knock, written by Dana. Don’t think it suitable for Il Volo though, best to do what we all love. 🙂

      I could happily manage a few days in Ireland, not just to see them, but to see Dublin once again. The way things are going with Covid at the moment, the UK & Ireland might be the only place left in Europe!

    2. Boston girl, I believe that the staff of Il Volo, in order to decide to go to a place, must also have a direct request, so it is the locals who must have an interest in hearing or seeing a certain artist.

      1. Huh, that means they won’t be coming anywhere near me then. I reckon there is only me who has heard of ’em. There am I sat on the bus into town listening to my little MP3 player when somebody asks who I am listening to. Il Volo I reply. Blank look.

        If I do get any other response it is on the lines of they don’t like modern day music. I then ask if they have heard of Giuseppe Verdi. Another blank look. How about La Traviata? Nope. O Sole Mio?

        I then get a wee bit nearer home with Lesley Garrett. Yet more blank looks. Good grief, the lassie comes from just down t’road in Doncaster, ok then, along the road, down the road is Rotherham. At that point I give up and decide that some folks are totally ignorant.

        Where is the Torpedine tower, I want to chuck ’em from the highest ledge. Wanders of muttering to herself……………………….. Ok then, there was a time I didn’t know who Il Volo were, but I would have at least asked what they sang, then probably looked them up on t’Internet, just as I do with my authors.

  13. Another nice interview, it’s always a pleasure to read. Thank you very much Daniela and Pat for translating and posting it. I hope Daniela you will be able to attend in the instore and share your impressions with us. Would be nice😍.

    1. Jolanta, I’m crossing my fingers, I’m almost sure I’m going to Milan, even if there are many restrictions, I will not be able to hug and kiss them and we will have to have a mask, I just hope that the security will let us have a few words.

      1. I hope you get to go. Please greet them for the whole Flight Crew.
        Let them know the American fans are excited to see them.

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