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The great evening of the first concert TUTTI PER UNO (ALL FOR ONE) broadcast by Canale 5 has arrived.
What can I say, a wonderful evening that kept people glued in front of the TV.
As promised, I’m sending you the video of the entire concert, which I hope you all can see.
I will try to translate briefly what is said and I will offer you some lyrics of songs that you don’t know.
But here’s the video, good vision, enjoy every moment. ☺

I want to tell you that this is the evening recorded on May 3, the one in which I was not present and therefore it was not raining.
But there is a small piece of the evening of May 1st and you will immediately realize from the rain you will see, and from the waterproof hoods worn by the people, surely the next episode will be much more focused on the rainy evening.
As I already told you, the concert begins with GRANADA, sung in three different musical styles and from three different places, which could not happen at the concert on May 1st due to the rain.
Seeing the Arena di Verona from above is a unique spectacle. The sets are beautiful and the stage presence of the orchestra and choir is really special and then there are them: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, unique!

After greetings to the public, GRANDE AMORE sets off immediately.
The first guests are the Pooh, an Italian band with a 50-year career behind them. They are very close friends of Il Volo, they love and appreciate them, years ago when Il Volo was just starting out, the Pooh invited Il Volo during one of their concerts and they sang together and the thing repeats itself tonight, Il Volo and the Poohs united by music and from the beautiful songs of the Pooh, fantastic.

Nicely, at the end of their performance, the Poohs give our boys some good advice:

1= We have never followed trends, don’t do this either and you will always be personal.
2= My advice instead is this, there are three of you, alone you represent 30%, instead together you represent 3000%, this is the strength of the group, remember this.
3= I believe that the Pooh’s real success was a little talent and a lot of passion, the same talent and the same passion that I see in your eyes and in your career, and this is a good sign for you.

Federica Panicucci, well-known presenter of Canale 5, is introduced below, it is the first time she has worked with Il Volo, but there is immediately a good understanding. Her presence will not be intrusive at all.
Ignazio is struck by the beautiful Federica and instead she calls applause for “these fantastic bearers of Italian music in the world”.
Federica explains that during the evening Il Volo will show unpublished moments with solos and duets never performed, just to show their different personalities.
Ignazio explains that the three of them also have three different types of fans, mothers like Piero, Gianluca is “the one who catches the most” and children like him. 😁😁😁
Ignazio begins with the solo dedicated to Mia Martini, the good and late singer of this song. ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO. ❤
Follows Gianluca who tells an anecdote of Elvis and then sings SUSPICIOUS MINDS. ❤

Closes the three solos Piero with “VIVA IL VINO SPUMEGGIANTE”, from the opera Cavalleria Rusticana.
This is followed by NESSUN DORMA.
Panicucci enters and asks Il Volo some amusing questions:
She asks Piero if they hadn’t become singers what Ignazio would have done. Piero replies that Ignazio would have been a comedian, because when he arrives he brings good humor.
She asks Gianluca in which emergency situation he would never call Piero. Gianluca replies that he would never let Piero cook, because he doesn’t even know how to open a can of tuna.
To Ignazio she asks what is never missing in Gianluca’s suitcase and Ignazio answers the hair dryer and even heels, but then adds a book, because he always reads.
New guest, this time it’s a woman, the rocker Gianna Nannini who sings in a duet classic-rock with Piero: MERAVIGLIOSA CREATURA. ☺
There is a medley of Neapolitan songs: TORNA A SURRIENTO and O SOLE MIO.
A guest arrives, a young Italian singer-songwriter: Francesca Michielin who will duet with Ignazio. Before singing, both read beautiful words I think written by Francesca herself:
IGNAZIO= So, I want to open up, lay bare, tell you the crash of my heart. Sounds like the title of one of those romantic movies, doesn’t it? Which always ends badly.
FRANCESCA= Inside each of us, a chaos of voices resonates, some make us feel insecure, others invincible, some don’t give us answers, others confuse us, and then there is a voice that tells you the truth that we will only understand later.
IGNAZIO= Yes, then love arrives alone, it arrives alone. It’s useless to go looking for him, dressing like Indiana Jones in search of unobtainable love, no. Love comes by itself, and doesn’t show itself when you seek it.
FRANCESCA= One fine day you realize that he has always been there, around the corner, silently, staring at you.
IGNAZIO= Yes, it was right there, that person who, despite making you feel good, tried to push her away.
FRANCESCA= Let’s not waste time looking for something that doesn’t make sense, or holding back someone who doesn’t make us feel good, because in the end, what matters most is feeling good.
IGNAZIO= It’s feeling good.
FRANCESCA= And we deserve to feel good.
Then Ignazio and Francesca sing Billie Eilish’s song: WHEN THE PARTY’S OVER. ❤❤ Very sweet.
Another young and talented Italian singer: Annalisa who will perform a duet with Gianluca and will sing a beautiful SHALLOW. ❤❤  WOW, what emotions.

At this point in the concert a long piece of the concert I was at is inserted, it is clear from the rain.
The first song is MY WAY.
New guest a young Italian singer-songwriter: IRAMA.
Gianluca begins a beautiful song called LA CURA (the cure) written by Battiato, another great Italian songwriter who wrote it for his woman, when she discovered she had a serious illness. The words are beautiful and Gianluca and Irama sing it from the heart. ❤


G= I will protect you from the fears of hypochondria
From the disturbances that you will meet on your way from today
From the injustices and deceptions of your time
From failures that by your nature you will normally attract
I will relieve you from your pains and mood swings
From the obsessions of your manias
I will overcome the gravitational currents
Space and light for not to make old you
And you will be cured of all diseases
Because you are a special being
And I will take care of you
I= I wandered the fields of Tennessee
How I got there, who knows
Don’t you have white flowers for me?
Faster than eagles my dreams
They cross the sea
Above all, I will bring you silence and patience
We will walk together the paths that lead to the essence
The scents of love will inebriate our bodies
The August calm will not calm our senses
G= I will weave your hair like the plots of a song
I=I know the laws of the world, and I will give them to you
G+I= I will overcome
gravitational currents
Space and light, not to make you grow old
I will save you from all melancholy
Because you are a special being
And I will take care of you
Yes, I will take care of you.
And now, Irama, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio sing together the beautiful song written by Irama to remember his grandmother: OVUNQUE SARAI ❤


I= If you are wind, you will sing
If you are water, you will shine
If you will be what I will be
And if you have time, I will wait for you
G= If you are light, you will warm me
If you’re the moon, I’ll see you
And if you’re here, I won’t know
But if it’s you, I’ll hear it
I=Wherever you will be, wherever I will be
In every gesture I will look for you
I+G+P+I= If you’re not there, I’ll understand
And in the silence I will listen to you
I=If I’m on the ground, you will lift me up
If it’s cold, you’ll burn
G= And I know you can hear me
P= Where each soul has a color
And every tear has your name
I= If you come back here, if ever, you know that
I+G+P+I= I will wait for you
Wherever you are, wherever I am
In every gesture I will look for you
If you’re not there, I’ll understand
And in the silence I will listen to you
I will listen to you
I= If you are wind, you will sing
In the montage of the concert for TV, it was cut, but Ignazio said that evening that this song deeply touches their feelings, because he has lost his father, Piero his grandfather and Irama his grandmother. ❤
A blogger wrote this comment:
 “Seeing artists of this young age who manage to interpret (and well) masterpieces of this caliber is an injection of confidence.”
Small detail, we criticize Gianluca’s shoes a lot, but have you seen Irama’s shoes?? 😁
The concert continues with the beautiful soprano Aida Garifullina, beautiful, talented and elegant, she will play with Piero LIBIAM DE LIETI CALICI
Wonderful ❤
Damn it was raining heavily, impossible to get up and we clapped under the ponchos.
The piece from the May 1st concert ends here.
We continue with the beautiful song by Maurizio Costanzo: SE TELEFONANDO
Federica Panicucci returns to the stage. She asks Piero how his passion for singing was born. He recounts the episode in which he goes to a friend of his grandfather’s on an estate. He is struck by the voice of Mario del Monaco who sings A love so great. “That child thus recognized his vocation, that child was me.
I hope I can arouse some curiosity in the people who will listen to the next aria. If only I succeed with just one person here in the Arena or at home, then the goal will be achieved” 😘
Piero sings E LUCEVAN LE STELLE from Tosca. ❤

It’s time for a comedic guest, Giorgio Panariello.
When he enters, he stands in front of a lectern, he is serious and tells an excerpt of the beautiful plot of the film Nuovo Cinema Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore.
All to anticipate the new SE song.
Panariello is back and this time in a comic version, it’s a very hilarious skit.
Panariello tries to convince the boys that being three is not good, and proposes himself as the fourth element for Il Volo.
In the end, to show that he is up to this role, they sing the NESSUN DORMA which repeats VINCERÒ and in the highest moment, Panariello doesn’t say “I will win” but says “a draw is enough for me”. 😁😁
Then they perform an Italian song IL PULLOVER and every time someone makes a mistake, first Ignazio and then Gianluca, really nice!!
In the end Panariello, going out, says “But we are friends……(it’s true they are)….don’t call me anymore in your concerts!!” 😁😁
A beautiful and emotional moment follows.
IGNAZIO= Now is a very emotional moment for us, we have decided to sing this next song to reach all the people who have suffered in these years, to all the people who continue to suffer, and to all those people who unfortunately today, we, they watch from up there. Let’s hope that our song, our thoughts, can reach them up there. IL Volo sings HALLELUJAH!
There are no words! One magical moment and people responded by lighting their hearts. ❤❤❤

Immediately afterwards Piero sings with a beautiful song from 1942, VOGLIO VIVERE COSÌ.
Federica Panicucci returns, this time she seats the boys and asks more questions. She immediately asks Gianluca what gift Piero would like to receive on his birthday and Gianluca replies a nice tennis racket and Ignazio jokingly says that he would have given him a watering can for his flower on his jacket! 😁
Federica asks Ignazio what superpower Gianluca would like to have and he replies the power to lengthen his legs. 😁
She asks Piero to tell some funny figure of Ignazio and he tells that in Vienna Ignazio greeted the public saying:
“Good evening Berlin”.😁
Federica compliments the boys on their tour that has just finished and a video of beautiful images starts and Federica asks what is the best memory.
GIANLUCA= Seeing people’s faces is oxygen for us and a privilege. We are young and we are living the life we have always wanted to live, and it is amazing how this music overcomes the barrier of language, and reaches all ages, and we are proud to be able to give these emotions to all of you. 😘
It’s time for a solo by Ignazio and he pays homage to Celine Dion. Sing MY HEART WILL GO ON, a part of this also in the original key. Fantastic.❤
At this point begins a tribute to another Italian singer-songwriter: Sergio Endrigo.
Il Volo sings a trio of beautiful songs by Endrigo, starting with CANZONE PER TE, followed LONTANO DAGLI OCCHI and last GIROTONDO INTORNO AL MONDO, this is a beautiful hymn to peace and friendship, in the background war videos, unfortunately …… Piero says: “This song was written in the 60s but unfortunately it is still relevant today.”
Very nice to see Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero putting their hand on each other’s shoulders at the end of the song.


G= If all girls
The girls of the world
They shook hands
They shook hands
Then there would be a roundabout
Around the world
Around the world
I= And if all the boys
The boys of the world
Wish once
Becoming sailors
Then a great bridge would be made
With many boats
Around the sea
P= And if all the people
He shook hands
If the world, really
He lent himself a hand
Then it would be a roundabout
Around the world
Around the world
G+I+P= What if all the people
He shook hands
If the world, really
He lent himself a hand
Then it would be a roundabout
Around the world
Around the world
The Gianluca concert continues with a solo, the beautiful WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD, a very sweet song. ❤
Now still in trio, Il Volo performs a song well known to us: PIOVE, homage to Modugno.
Followed by a solo by Gianluca with the choir, the beautiful KNOCKIN’ ON HEAVEN’S DOOR by Bob Dylan.

Another guest, the baritone Gianfranco Montresor, in duet with Piero, performs an aria by Bizet in French: AU FOND DU TEMPLE SAINT
Beautiful duet! ❤
Last solo, it’s Ignazio’s turn singing a song by Evanescence: MY IMMORTAL.
How much passion. ❤
Federica Panicucci returns, announcing the end of the concert, greets everyone and makes an appointment for next week.
And how does it end? As it should. HERE’S TO YOU by Ennio Morricone. The three boys descend into the audience to shake hands and take selfies. Very respectful public, people approach them but without causing problems.

It was a very long concert, but what a concert.
I have no words, despite the numerous guests, our boys shone with their own light in every song.
Beautiful duets, magnificent solos.
It goes without saying that the concert recorded the highest ratings of the evening and people’s comments were very many and positive, everyone admired their way of being, polite and never excessive, in addition to their skill. As for the newspapers,  only a couple wrote about the concert, the others did not write  positive or negative comments, as if there hadn’t been any concert.
But it doesn’t matter, people got it, they’re waking up from their slumber, they really appreciated it.
On this Fanpage.it Facebook page, not dedicated only to Il Volo, which published this beautiful photo with SUPERLATIVES written the morning after the concert, people started commenting and even today after 4 days they continue to write enthusiastic comments, and they are not only written by Il Volo fans, they are all the people who saw the concert, and this makes me so happy.
Francesca Michelin, who duetted with Ignazio, posted this comment:
“I could say that my voice didn’t shake like when I was a child, or that it was a normal performance, but I would say a lie, because it was one of the most powerful and beautiful moments I’ve experienced on stage, I felt fragile and strong like never before thank you very much Ignazio and Il Volo for this shared magic.” ❤

ALL MUSIC ITALIA posted this photo with the caption, and this comment:
Yesterday evening on Canale 5 the first of two special evenings full of guests was broadcast, recorded at the Verona Arena, starring IL VOLO.
From La cura di Battiato with Irama to Celine Dion, from Sergio Endrigo to Mia Martini, from the duet on Shallow with Annalisa up to the classical lyrical repertoire, the Italian trio that the whole world loves, and that some Italian journalists snub or boo, has shown flexibility, talent and love for our tradition… which is not something old but tradition, roots and history.

And this news has just been published by I POOH:


AFTER THE GREAT SUCCESS of the show where we were guests of 3 INCREDIBLE guys, we decided to return the favor, and to invite Il Volo to two unmissable live events in stadiums this summer: July 6th at the G. Meazza Stadium in Milan and on July 15 at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, SEE YOU ON STAGE! 😊

Well, I have nothing more to add. I await your comments and if you want clarification, please ask me.
And now I’m waiting for Saturday to fully review my rainy evening!!
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

TAORMINA REVIEW by Janet Dong and Mary Minton

A nice review of the Taormina concert by Janet. Thanks Janet for what you sent us. A hug Daniela: 🤗
First time I was in Taormina, maybe 20 years ago when my Mission Dolores choir did a singing/concert tour through Italy and Taormina. I do not remember which church we sang in, but many, many people came and we loved it.
Taormina is still beautiful and the theater is historic and perfect for a concert. My husband and I had 7th row seats one night and seats on the stone steps the second night.

The concert was magical from both places. Our guys were relaxed, funny, sweet and the singing was magnifico. The night was warm and a full moon rose over the theater.
Igna’s solo, “All By Myself”, was so emotional and well done it brought tears and a standing ovation.
Piero sang an aria I had not heard him sing before and it was beautiful. I hope he sings this on the US tour.
The audience seemed to feel connected to them and repeatedly called their individual names, called out greetings from places like Marsala and one woman sort of stopped the second night show calling for a selfie with Igna, and he posed as she came down from her seat for the photo.
This theater and stage are much smaller than the Arena in Verona and it felt more intimate. Near the end of the concert The audience was allowed to stand along the edge of the stage to hopefully touch the guy’s hands as they passed by, and they reached down to touch the hands of many fans. A love fest between these 3 wonderful artists and their fans.
Around town:

We saw GG up close in the restaurant. First he and Eleanora walked by the two tables of fans visiting from afar and he greeted us with “ciao” then he was eating with his parents, Barbara, Michele, Giampiero and their drummer. All sitting casually in a corner of a sidewalk cafe not being bothered by anyone.

Then a nice conversation with Barbara and Michele as they sat near the theater watching the audience go in. Barbara was so sweet and willing to converse for a minute.
Then I saw Piero having lunch with friends the day after both concerts. I wanted a picture but did not want to interrupt his privacy. So we just walked on. But he and the others and the crew mingle with the public and the public respects their privacy it seems.
Then I met and chatted with Dario twice at Bam Bar.

They are all such nice real people who just blend in with us common people. That is why we love them.
A trip I will always remember: Janet 😘🤗
Some of my photos!
Even Mary and Mark Minton were in Taormina.
Here is their review. Thank you for your words and photos. I am so glad you came to Taormina and also that you met our friends.
 A hug: Daniela 🤗
My husband and I attended both concerts in Taormina. We looked forward to them with great anticipation since we purchased the tickets two and a half years ago!
An added bonus was that Gianluca and his girlfriend were on the same plane as us flying from Rome to Catania!
The first night we had tickets in the fourth row at the incredible Teatro Antico and met Jeanette and Deborah there.

It was amazing to be up close and the guys did not disappoint. They sang all the same songs as in Verona with the exception of a new one by Piero. There were standing ovations for almost every song. I particularly enjoyed the new songs from the tribute to Ennio Morricone. The guys came into the audience during “Here’s To You” which was a thrill for everyone.

The second night we got tickets for further back so that we could also enjoy the scenery as Mt. Etna was steaming and the lava was flowing in the background. It was also better to get a view of the whole stage and the incredible lighting. During the Hallelujah song everyone had their phones lit up and there was also a full moon to add to the beautiful atmosphere. Visiting Taormina to attend these concerts is something I will never forget, it was a wonderful experience!
Goodbye Italy, to our next Italian adventure: Mary and Mark 🤗🤗
Here’s some of our photos.

To Feel You Close Once More!

We made it through the first weekend of summer and arrived at Memorial Day! I make it a point of never going anywhere on this weekend but, this year, I decided I needed a break. I’ve been working on the book for two months and now it’s coming to an end so, I decided to run away!
Why I chose to go to the Jersey shore is beyond me. I have never been there on Memorial Day but, my friends were there so, I said, why not! If you live on the east coast of the United States, you know the weekend was rained out. It’s Sunday night and the rain is finally stopping.

Susan De Bartoli sitting on a bench near the beach

So, what did I do all weekend? I watched Il Volo interviews and concerts on YouTube. Always fun! This weekend gave me a lot of time to reminisce over guys last 12 years. As we’re preparing for the big event on Saturday, a “Tribute to Ennio Morricone,” I thought about where the guys came from and where they are heading.

Left to right: A smiling Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio

My mind wondered off to 2018. That moment when the guys were crossing over, making some very interesting moves and beginning to come into their own They were very successful and, they were very comfortable in their performances. All was so right! The albums keep coming! The success keeps coming, the tours in North and South America keep selling out and the boys have grown into fine attractive young men. And now they’re ready for a new experience. The music evolves and they are ready to crossover.
In 2018 they released one of the most exciting Latin albums to come out in years. I would go so far as to say Amame is the most exciting Latin album that was ever produced. It’s opera, it’s rock, it’s classical, it’s pop and it never stops giving. The rhythm in songs like “Noche Sin Dia” is amazing. You have to move with the music. You can’t sit still.

Cover of the IL VOLO AMAME CD

I love this album. With this album, the guys spread their wings! It is a departure from their usual style. They have shown their skill with Spanish music and with this album, they leave you wishing for more.
A song like “Maldito Amor” is a phenomenal experience for your ears. The delivery is smooth. It pulls away from the traditional Latin music and it delivers a sound that is very intense. Different! Very Different! The sound is pure and clean and, their voices are spot on! It’s one of those songs that stays with you forever.

Gloria Estefan and the guys really nailed it with Ay Ay Ay Amor! It screams for your attention! And it certainly keeps it!

Left to right: Ignazio with Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Gianluca and Piero

If you like modern Latin music and Il Volo, then you will like this album.  When I thought about this album, I thought about how I would write about it. All I can say is these three amazing guys absolutely floored me. They are multitalented. They can sing every genre. To be able to take opera, rock, classical, pop and Latin and create an album like this is amazing. The beat is so intense and, they are spot on. I think they knocked it out of the box with “Noche Sin Dia.” With Latin music you don’t just sing it, you feel it, and if you don’t feel it, you don’t cut it. This album cuts it! Good move!
As if that wasn’t enough, they follow up with Musica! This is the album that proved that great can get greater. This album is representative of where these young men are now. It’s beautiful, it’s sensitive, it’s romantic. It’s about love. It’s about them being ready for love. It comes from deep within them. All the sweetness and humility of these guys is in this album. It moves your senses. What I am saying is they have evolved and, their voices have evolved.


By 2018, they had grown into their voices. Their voices are mature and have expanded in such an amazing way. There’s an intriguing balance in their voices. To experience this amazing evolution in voice and song you need go no further than “Be My Love.” Gianluca’s voice vibrates and expands to realms I’ve never heard before. Ignazio makes your heart stop as you journey along his notes which lead to absolute ecstasy. Piero fills all your sense and brings you to such passion and heights that you have to stop and breathe. This is Musica che resta!

This was definitely the album fans were waiting for. Their talent and skills brought an amazing balance of melody, harmony and rhythm to the music. It’s all the joy of bel canto along with the passion and intrigue that they bring to the music!  Musica is an enjoyable mix of old familiar songs and new exciting songs that offer something for everyone.
With this outstanding album, the guys come at you full force, on top of their game with a selection of love songs that go straight to the heart. “Be My Love” and “People” are just beautiful and “Meravigliosa Creatura” (Wonderful Creature) is an absolute treasure.
Click the photo below to hear Meravigliosa Creatura.

We have watched these three very talented young men evolve and the difference in ten years is the polish they bring to the performance. Their voices have evolved, and their vocal technique has expanded, they have become more intense in their delivery and more romantic. They are truly amazing!
Hands down they are the best Classical Pop singers on earth. They can sing anything. Their whole world is music and it’s obvious in their music. Their voices form a symphony that changes lives.
In 2019, they recorded The Best of Ten Years!  The songs they chose are beautifully rendered. Their voices are a gift from God that they share with us. The three voices blend beautifully! Their choice of songs is quite eclectic and shows off the range and the beauty of their voices. Individually they are wonderful, put them together, they are magic!
The Best of Ten Years is a compilation of songs released over the ten years they have been together. It is the Best of Il Volo’s repertoire, from “O Sole Mio” to “Grande Amore.”

Gold CD for the IL VOLO Best of 10 Years CD

Just this past week Sony attested that “The Best of Ten Years” has attained a Gold CD! As Daniela said in her recent article, “It is a nice milestone, as real sales are now extremely difficult, and the awards are now counted on the streamed listeners and not just on the actual sales made.” Congratulations guys a phenomenal CD! You deserve the acclaim! You did it again!
Reliving the past Twelve years was exciting!
So, here we are in 2021, at the end of a pandemic and, bringing back the live concerts. Who better than Il Volo to start it up again!
We had the pleasure of hearing “Your Love” at Sanremo 2021 and we anxiously await the event of the year, a “Tribute to Ennio Morricone” and the new album by the same name. We know Morricone’s music and, we can’t wait to hear what the guys have done with it.
On Sunday, the rehearsals started and, they continue throughout the week. The guys took a short break today to sing the “Mameli Anthem” for Italian Republic Day.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero standing in the Arena tunnel

In a few days the magic will begin! They will step out on the stage of the ancient Arena of Verona and steal our hearts all over again! And we will remember how it is ~To Feel You Close Once More!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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Credit to owners of all photos and videos.