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We're here for your private concert.
We’re here for your private concert.

Elaine (etsecpa) has put together the best of the concert video’s.  When I asked her why she would go to all that trouble she said,

“My post concert depression started on Aug 31, the date after the Fresno concert which I attended.  The “PCD” peaked on 9/27- with the RCMH concert.  So I decided to remake the concert with various YouTube video’s.  The songs in the playlist are in the sequence of the concert.  Thanks to all original up-loaders,  it helped me a lot.  I miss our guys very much still but it is great to kind of relive the concert moments again.  Here is the private concert, enjoy..”.

It’s like attending another concert!  Just what we all needed!  Thanks Elaine.  It’s awesome!


LAST NIGHT I WAS FILLED WITH PRIDE                                                                                                                                AS THEY RODE THE WAVE OF FAME I CRIED

MY FRIENDS, MY CREW, WAITED FOR THE GOLD                                                                                                              A PAGE IN THE BOOK OF IL VOLO IS TOLD

WE WISHED WE COULD HAVE BEEN THERE TO CHEER                                                                                                   BUT AS ALWAYS WE’RE PASSIONATELY DEVOTED FROM HERE

LET THIS ONE NIGHT BE A MEMORY TO LAST                                                                                                                OUR GIFTS OF LOVE WERE SHAMELESS AND VAST

SPEECHLESS VIDEOS WERE TO BE SEEN                                                                                                                               BEHIND THE STAGE WE WATCHED THEM PREEN

AT EIGHT O’CLOCK WE WERE ALL ON SITE                                                                                                                     THEN WE WROTE OF TRIUMPH THRU THE NIGHT

THEY SEIZED THE STAGE, THEY WERE BOLD AND STRONG                                                                                     ALL THEIR LIVES THEY’VE LIVED A SONG

STRAIGHT TO THE TOP WE KNEW THEY’D SOAR                                                                                                               TO STANDING OVATIONS, BRAVO’S AND MORE

EMOTIONALLY EXHAUSTED WE WENT TO BED                                                                                                         DREAMS OF OUR ANGLES FILLED OUR HEAD

SLEEP DOESN’T ALWAYS COME AS PLANNED                                                                                                               TO THINK, TO WONDER, THEN TO UNDERSTAND

THAT LIFE’S NOT MEASURED BY WORK OR PLAY                                                                                                              BUT BY THE LOVE WE SEND EACH DAY