DOMENICA IN 2021 – PART 2 by Daniela

Here I am with the second part of this beautiful interview.
I assure you that you will not be bored.
Enjoy the reading!!

MARA = Come back here. (long applause)
You are guys, but you have a great responsibility, because you have immense talent …
GIAN = With this song we also had the opportunity to show the beauties of our country with the Frasassi Caves.
MARA = Yes, there was the video.
GIAN = I also want to say this thing, because for us it was a great honor, to be able to work with maestro Vittorio Storaro, who is a “cinematographer” and not a “director of photography”, which is a small detail.
MARA = What’s the difference, for those who don’t know?
GIAN = There is a big difference. In America they say cinematographer …
MARA = …. three Oscars, he made all the films of Bertolucci (another Italian director who won the Oscar for The Last  Emperor), Vittorio Storaro …
GIAN = … exactly three Oscars …. because every time it is a life lesson, not only artistic, but his wisdom has given us wonderful moments …
MARA = Sorry if I interrupt you, Gianluca, but I have a backstage video and I would like to send it and then you all can comment on it.
Let’s watch it together.
(the video of the Frasassi Caves backstage starts)
In the video: Gianluca’s voice = The melodies of the great master Ennio Morricone are the protagonists in this wonderful setting that are the Frasassi Caves.
Ignazio’s voice = Sharing this fantastic place also with maestro Vittorio Storaro was a great emotion.
MARA = It is so beautiful that it seems unreal, it seems magical.
PIERO = Have you ever been there?
MARA = No, never been.
PIERO = Look, time stops there.
MARA = But where is this place, exactly?
GIAN = Near Genga, in the Marche region.
MARA = Ah, in the Marche.
GIAN = Yes, this place is one hour from my house, I’m near Roseto degli Abruzzi.
MARA = So did you know this place?
GIAN = Yes, I had already been there, because schools often organize trips with pupils to make excursions.
MARA = It’s a magical place, I want to go there.
PIERO = We had the privilege of having the caves just for us and Vittorio Storaro, to shoot the video.
MARA = Illuminated by Vittorio Storaro.
GIAN = Think about the power of Bel Canto, associated with a wonderful place, it is the perfect soundtrack, but then it allows us to join idols, like Vittorio Storaro, or as before, you saw us joking with Woody Allen, it is the prestige of Bel Canto. As you know it all started with Pavarotti, then with Bocelli, so we, humbly, always try to follow in their footsteps, to bring this kind of music higher and higher.
IGNAZIO = I’ll tell you an anecdote. In the caves, we were collaborating with the master Storaro, and he was still trying to get an extra emotion out of us. So when there were our solos, he would say to Piero: “Piero concentrate you, try not to think about anything, as if there were no one, the caves, the emotion …”
GIAN = He (Storaro) was also a director on that occasion, just for us.
IGNAZIO = …. “let the emotion out” …. ok, Piero, does his (solo), Gian does his, it’s up to me and I ask: “Give me some more advice, master …”
MARA = You are giving HIM to the master. (in Italy it is a sign of respect)
IGNAZIO = Absolutely … and he tells me: “Ignazio, forget where you are, it’s just you, the camera and nothing else around.” I followed his advice.
PIERO = He added “…and think of a person dear to you ….”
MARA = Think of a person dear to you?
IGNAZIO = Yes. The playback of the song was over and I cried and I cried for 15 minutes …
PIERO = He burst into tears.
MARA = Who were you thinking of?
IGNAZIO = Your Love is a song that means a lot to us, also because we performed in Sanremo three days after my father’s death, so it means a lot to us.
MARA = The memory!
IGNAZIO = By now, I associate that song with that moment and therefore I was in tears for 15 minutes.
GIAN = The whole album is dedicated to Vito ….
PIERO = … to Ignazio’s father.
On this occasion Ignazio proved to be a great man, because three days before our performance in Sanremo, we received this terrible news by phone, and we all expected a NO, from Ignazio, we thought we would stay at home. Instead he, as a great professional, arrived in Sanremo, sang, did his duty. He has my highest esteem. ❤ (appaluse)
MARA = Who knows how you were inside, love.
IGNAZIO = I think that the greatest happiness of a parent is to see their children happy.
GIAN = There was a backstage part that I would like to tell and that moved us all.
During the rehearsals Fiorello (co-host of Sanremo), approached Ignazio and hugged him for three minutes, they hugged tightly, I’m telling you, because unfortunately he also experienced the same situation ….. and by the way we say goodbye to the great Fiorello, hello Fiore !!
MARA = (turning to Ignazio) Were you far away, when your dad passed?
IGNAZIO = I was in Bologna, we were, there. Before, we talked about the pandemic, and the lockdown, there are positive sides, I was lucky enough to spend a year and a half with my whole family, and that’s what we hope all the young people, all the boys of our age, have done – have the opportunity to spend time with their families, and to understand how important their support is.
MARA = I think so.
PIERO = But in these years…. we have been together for 13 years …
IGNAZIO = We are together, that is, we work together ….
MARA = But there would be nothing wrong, Ignazio ... (being together can be meant sentimentally)
PIERO = No, no, we are together
IGNAZIO =  Of bad, nothing, but Piero, it’s not that I like him so much. 😁
MARA = Are the two of them engaged? (Piero and Gianluca). About you (Ignazio) we learned that you have a girlfriend in Brazil …
GIAN = The two of them who ??
MARA = Not the two of you together, although there would be nothing wrong with that.
GIAN = No but imagine, there would be nothing wrong …
MARA = Do you, your fiancée, have it?
GIAN = Yes, yes, I do.
MARA = You have her!  And you Piero?
PIERO = No,  I …
GIAN = Piero no.
MARA = Is he single?
GIAN = Piero is single, the only single, that’s right.
MARA = He is in love with Bellucci, he is waiting for Bellucci.
IGNAZIO = Morricone was one of the most beautiful projects we have ever thought …
MARA = Do you want to change the subject?
IGNAZIO = Is it understood ?? 😁
MARA = You are smart, eh !!! But when you can, with aunt !!! (she means that the aunt, that is Mara, discovers the smart ones)
IGNAZIO = (He gets up and sings to Mara, hugging her) “I’ll take you and I’ll take you away.” (applause)
MARA = Come on, another film I loved is Sacco and Vanzetti, directed by the great Giuliano Montaldo, starring Riccardo Cucciolla and GianMaria Volontè.
PIERO = For this piece, we studied a lot, because we didn’t know so many things ….
MARA = Wonderful movie.
PIERO = The story is truly poignant, because unfortunately there is injustice.
MARA = Exactly. Great movie.
GIAN = We are here, eh !!
PIERO = I was telling her about Sacco and Vanzetti …
IGNAZIO = We felt a little lonely.
MARA = Here he is (Piero), I brought him to you.
PIERO = This song is called: HERE’S TO YOU. (applause, here’s to you begins)
(applause and standing ovation at the end)
MARA = Well, you wonderful ones! I just want to say that this is an important film, an important theme, it is the story of two Italians, two emigrants who were unjustly condemned, and we at this moment want to greet all our compatriots who cannot be here.
I + P = Absolutely.
GIAN = And it is also nice to remember that soon we will be on tour, from March in the United States, we start in RCMH on March 4th, and then we will reach many people who have been waiting for us for two years since the last tour that unfortunately we had to stop due to the Covid.
MARA = So you will reach our compatriots, and not only !! But then I will also say all the dates.
Let’s move on because there is another beautiful song.
PIERO = There are many (dates)
MARA = Yes, a lot.
PIERO = More than 100 concerts in six months.
MARA = But when are you leaving?
PIERO = March 4th …
MARA = And are you coming back?
PIERO = In December
MARA = Next year (2022)
PIERO = Yes, and we will sing in Italy, we will do concerts in the summer and concerts in the winter.
MARA = How long are you away?
PIERO = From March to December no stop, only 7-8 days in July
MARA = Are you going back to Italy?
PIERO = Yes, at home.
MARA = Love !!
GIAN = At least, a little sun, a tan, otherwise we will be pale, tired, with travel …..
MARA = Let’s go on, now they make you listen to another beautiful song, music ….
PIERO = What is it?
IGNAZIO = Another of my favorites.
MARA = I like it a lot too.
PIERO = Do you know how it was born?
MARA = Maurizio Costanzo (he wrote the words)
PIERO = Yes, but Ennio Morricone was at the post office paying a fine, a bill, I don’t know what it was, he heard the sound of the ambulance, the siren of the ambulance “ta-ta …. se telefonando” and from there makes you understand the genius of the master Morricone.
MARA = What a beautiful song.
PIERO = Magnificent.
MARA = Why him, great musician, great author, but then this is a song that everyone can sing, in truth.
IGNAZIO = Absolutely. But then the genius of the master Morricone was that he was inspired by silence, for him silence in his works was fundamental …
PIERO = Determinant
IGNAZIO = I like to compose, and sometimes, removing is more difficult than adding.
MARA = It’s true.
IGNAZIO = The essential is something difficult to achieve. It can only be reached by those who are geniuses, like the maestro Morricone.
MARA = How wise have you become, aunt’s love. (she hugs Ignazio)
IGNAZIO = Mamma mia, I’m getting emotional!
MARA = Come on, come on, come on, SE TELEFONANDO, Il Volo!! (starts Se Telefonando)
(applause and standing ovation at the end)
MARA = IL Volo, on Domenica IN, which makes us spend the wonderful Boxing Day !!
Good, good guys, good, good guys (she applauds the guys).
Now I’m sending something with you, from here, from this position.
Last year was December 25, 2020, exactly one year ago, and where were you? In St. Peter’s Square ..
P + G + I = Yes, St. Peter’s Square.
MARA = With ???
PIERO = Nobody, there was nobody. Ours is a dream job, we are dreamers and we saw that surreal situation, lockdown, at home at ten, and we wanted to wish the whole country a Merry Christmas from there. We got organized, with the director of RAI1.
MARA = Stefano Coletta.
IGNAZIO = Let us wish him well for Santo Stefano.
G + P + I + M = Greetings director !!
PIERO = And so from there, we made these four songs, to wish a Merry Christmas, with St. Peter’s Square completely empty.
MARA = Let’s see it then. (start the video of Merry Christmas from San Pietro 2020)
In the video:
Gian = On this very special day, in which, even if we are close, we are forced to stay away, we wanted to find a way to wish you a Merry Christmas.
Ignazio = With music, in this extraordinary square.
PIERO = The hope is that Christmas, with its magic, can bring a smile to your homes, and warm your hearts.
MARA = How beautiful !! It’s beautiful, I think you have performed everywhere, but I think this was an emotion …… (addressed to Piero) at one in the morning did you tell me?
IGNAZIO = In fact there was still a curfew, so thanks to the Municipality of Rome, and the Vatican who gave us permission to be able to register it. So as not to create a crowd, we did it after curfew, we finished at 1am.
I want take this opportunity to reiterate that the mind that thinks these things is Michele Torpedine, who has all these fantastic ideas.
MARA = That we say hello to Michele (she blows a kiss), where is Michele? It should be around here!
PIERO = Do you think that Luciano Pavarotti called him (Torpedine) Great Boss, and he too (Ignazio), jokingly also called him Great Boss.
I’ve never done, it but I told him: “The day you make us sing in front of Pope Francis, I’ll call you Big Boss”, and now I have to!
GIAN = Behind every singer, there are people who allow them to be able to fully express their art, surely he is the person …..
PIERO = Can you turn the camera? He is there, behind … (Michele is nearby)
MARA = No look, let’s do one thing: “Come here, Michele, we’re talking about you”
PIERO = Great Michele.
MARA = (drags Torpedine on stage). Sorry, they were talking about you.
MT = You know that these things embarrass me, I’m not used to it.
MARA = Come on. Listen, we are almost at the end of this beautiful segment, I don’t know how to thank you.
How do you handle these boys, Torpedine?
MT = How do you manage three dynamites like this, they go it alone, just say yes or no to things.
MARA = Now you all go, go around the world for months …
MT = Around the world, we hope that everything goes well with Covid.
MARA = We hope, we hope so.
IGNAZIO = We thought we would leave you with a Christmas song, since they told us that Christmas songs are sung until the Epiphany.
MARA = Come on, the witch is here. (herself)
PIERO = White Christmas.
MARA = White Christmas, Il Volo, and I take Michele away.
(White Christmas song begins)
Thanks guys, (applause), thanks, thanks. Happy New Year!
IGNAZIO = We want to thank you.
MARA = Thanks to you.
IGNAZIO = We wanted to congratulate you for the new year.
PIERO = We never had the opportunity to spend all this time together, you are really human !!
GIAN = Thanks for believing in us.
MARA = You gave me a great gift, guys.
IGNAZIO = And you gave us a great gift, because talking about each other, is not always easy.
GIAN = Best wishes to you too who are following us, hoping that it will be a 2022 of normality.
IGNAZIO = We wish you to collect all the most beautiful, unthinkable and imaginary fruits, because “nothing is impossible”.
MARA = And it’s true !!
GIAN = He is also international, him.
PIERO = Only optimism !!
MARA = Come on guys, but see you, you go around the world …
PIERO = See you in concert in Italy …
MARA = At the Arena ??
PIERO = In June at the Verona Arena and Taormina …
MARA = And so, see you in March. They go and then they come back: Il Volo !!!
I have no words after this beautiful interview, it was long, but not boring at all.
I believe that when our young men open their hearts, we only know of good feelings.
This is also what we like about them, their way of being, unites us and brings us closer and closer to their human side, they are not only excellent artists, there is much more.
What do you think?

Credit to owners of all photos and video.

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  1. Thank you so much. As usual your stories bring a tear to my eyes and laughter to my soul. They are undeniably beautiful young men.

  2. The second part told us a lot! I knew they were alone in the Square but did not know it was after curfew with special permission. Did not know the caves were so near Gianluca’s home. That was special also. Well, I think everything they do is special! Again many thanks for all your efforts to include us on the many interviews that we do not understand.

    1. Eleanor, I agree that every little thing we learn about them brings us joy.
      I too was very impressed by the hug that Fiorello gave Ignazio backstage in Sanremo, a very intimate and moving moment that none of us could have known.

  3. Merci beaucoup!
    So Nice of you to help us to,know these artists better.
    Hope to be able to see them in Montreal the 6 of march but presently, we are in lockdown from 10 at night to 5 in the morning!
    All the restaurants, cinéma, théâtre are close.
    Very difficult Time! Schools close also.
    I Wish them to be able to do their tour in march but if not, listening to their songs is very good for the morals.

    1. Je suis vraiment désolée pour ce que vous m’écrivez, la France, c’est une situation que, malheureusement, nous avons beaucoup vécue l’année dernière. Heureusement cette année, grâce aux vaccinations et aux règles que nous observons, la situation est bien différente. J’espère que la tournée pourra se faire et qu’Il Volo pourra venir et que vous pourrez tous profiter de leurs beaux concerts.

      I am very sorry for what you write to me, France, it is a situation that, unfortunately, we experienced a lot last year. Fortunately this year, thanks to the vaccinations and the rules we observe, the situation is quite different. I hope that the tour can be done and that Il Volo can come and all of you can enjoy their beautiful concerts.

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  5. Grazie, Daniela and Pat. You were right Daniela I was not bored. Thanks to your translation and Pat’s technical skills I thoroughly enjoyed reading and watching this interview with Mara. You both help to bring our guys into our homes.
    Take care and stay safe.😷❤🎶

    1. You are welcome, Mary Jane. I really enjoy helping get these wonderful posts to you. We have really gained an insight into the lives of the guys of IL VOLO and their families.

    2. Mary Jane, with our boys, it is impossible to get bored, their words interest us, they are always polite and elegant, and their voices enchant us, what more do we want?

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    1. Roz, I knew this part was more touching than the first, particularly when they talk about Ignazio’ sad moment.
      It will be difficult for you to pronounce well, but in the long run you will be rewarded for your effort.

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    1. Dear RoseMarie, what about Ignazio’s charmer skills?
      How many of us would have liked to have been in Mara’s place while Ignatius was gallant with her? 🙂

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  9. Thank you so much, Daniela. Your closing words could not have been more eloquent and spot on. Three very special young men who touch and change our lives for the bette with their love, their soul(s) and their music. One thing which confused me (not hard to do…) was in Part 1 when Mara asked Ignazio if he is Brazilian and he replied “Yes”. Am I missing something?

    1. Judith, that was a mistake in translation and I fixed it. Mara was asking Ignazio of his girlfriend was Brazilian.

    2. Judith, as Pat explained to you, there was an error in the transcription, the question was addressed to Ignazio’s girlfriend.
      For the rest, it is really nice to listen to Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero, when they open their hearts.

      1. Yes, thanks so much to you as well for clearing this up for me. I guess everyone else knew but I am somewhat new to the details of the guys’ personal lives, and thought all were Italian. And, yes, always enjoy your work and reading about everyone.
        Thanks again.

  10. Me again – so sorry, Pat; I completely forgot to express my gratitude to you for bringing us these posts. Many, many thanks.

  11. Part 2 is just as wonderful. Piero sums up the ease
    of the interview with Mara “you are really human”
    Thanks always to Daniela and Pat.
    Great way to start 2022.

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    1. Yes, Cathy, my family and I are all fine and have had a good Christmas time, we haven’t done many things, and we haven’t gone anywhere, but we all had dinner together on the eve, exchanging gifts, a pleasure to us and my little nieces. The interview was really special and Mara proved to be an excellent hostess, who was able to put her guests at ease, well done, we fans needed a gift like that.

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    1. Dear Judy, let’s say that our boys and Mara gave us a nice Christmas present with this great interview.
      I am happy to be able to translate you, so that you can understand every word. 🙂

  17. Thank you Daniela and Pat for translating parts 1 and 2 of this interview.
    They are so charming and unpretentious, and it is always fun to get to know them a little better. Without your hard work the English speaking fans would not be able to understand these interviews. I very much appreciate being able to follow them through your translations. Molte Grazie! Stay well during these difficult times and hope we can all enjoy the big tour coming up.

    1. You’re very welcome, Janet! I’m glad we can get to know all the guys better through Daniela’s translations!

    2. Dear Janet, I sincerely hope that this bad and long period will pass soon, unfortunately it seems never to end. We all need the normality we had before, and also to be able to attend all our good concerts, which allowed us to meet.
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    1. Judi, Domenica IN, is a good program, certainly the direction, the audio, in short the technical part, is well taken care of, because it is made by RAI, but also Mara, knows how to be an excellent presenter and the presence of IL Volo, has perfectly closed the nice package.
      For the rest, I can only tell you one thing, my next post will talk about Ana and Eleonora too, see you soon !!

  19. Daniela, there are not enough ways to thank you for your translations of “our guys” interviews! Through you we non Italian speaking fans get more insight into these three beautiful men that we all adore. I love the way they share their lives with us and we feel and see their emotions. They let us see into their lives like no other young artists (especially American).

    Susan mentioned an interview the guys did with Marco Montemagno, 4 chats with IL Volo. Will we be seeing any more translations from those interviews? My understanding is that they were really talking about their relationship with one another.

    Happy New Year and again thank you and Susan for your beautiful stories if our beloved guys if IL Volo.

    1. Dear Gina, thank you for all your wonderful compliments, and thank you also for the good wishes for the new year, which I hope is full of beautiful things for you too.

      You ask me about the boys’ interview with Marco Montemagno: “4 chats with Il Volo”, I also liked it a lot, I think that each of their interviews is beautiful, because they are inclined to open up, I hope there are others too.
      I am currently translating the interview they did for WOOCALLING. I’ll put you the link here where there is all the translation of the interview with Montemagno, if by chance you haven’t seen it.

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  21. Boy, are we ever quick to thank you, Daniela and Patti!! I just logged on to my computer and already there are 31 comments! May I also express my thanks to both you exceptional ladies for all the work and time you put in so that we can get the full expression of this meeting with Mara (and Michelle Torpedine).
    I think my second favourite piece of music by Ennio Morricone is the really uplifting tune of Se Telefonando. Makes you want to get up and dance!
    There was one part of the translation when Gianluca says they will be at RCMH on March 4th. Isn’t that the date of the Ottawa concert in Canada? If it isn’t, I’ve spent $1,600.00 on three VIP second row tickets for my daughter, niece and myself, and two tickets a little farther back for my best friend and her daughter. Do I panic or not??

    1. Dolores, maybe you weren’t expecting the second part to come so soon and so there were already a lot of comments.
      It is a joy for me to know that you like translations and they certainly give you a better understanding of our young men.
      Surely the date Gian was referring to was their first concert in America and not that of RCMH. Damn what a nice shopping for tickets you’ve done, you’ll have fun.

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