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I was translating Il Volo’s long interview on Radio 102.5 for you, but I stopped momentarily to translate this nice review on the Milan concerts for you.
As I already told you, after the concerts many articles spoke well of Il Volo and also many news programs,…… is something changing?
But first read this nice interview published by the DEJAVU blog and written by Cristina Rampini . I will translate it for you all.

DejaVu Article – Click Here

IL VOLO: unique, sensational, amazing at the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan. Our review.

“The theater is a more intimate place that brings us closer to the Italian public who has followed us from the beginning and whose great support we always feel.”
IL VOLO with their show “Tutti per uno” will overwhelm the audience at the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan for six dates: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9 September!
It is the first time that Il Volo performs in a theater in Italy, thus establishing a special bond with the audience in a more intimate atmosphere. “Tutti per uno”, shown for the first time in June at the Verona Arena and broadcast on Canale 5, winning the prime time share, is a show that creates a magical harmony, transporting viewers on an unforgettable journey.
On stage, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, accompanied by the Orchestra, in addition to performing their classics that have now entered the hearts of fans, take turns giving the public their solo voices.
We at DejaVu were present on September 3rd and we are still intoxicated by it.


By joking with each other and telling anecdotes related to their careers, the trio creates an atmosphere of familiarity that envelops the entire theater.
Among the songs in the setlist there is no shortage of “Ecstasy Of Gold”, from their latest album “Il Volo Sings Morricone”, their hit “Grande amore” and the classics of Italian song such as “Il Mondo” and “Io che non vivo” and of operas such as “Nessun dorma” and “Luceavan le Stelle”.


When you say “know how to sing” you really can’t help but say “Il Volo”.
Three young artists who overwhelm the audience with vocals that are absolutely different from each other but of a disarming quality.
A mastery of the stage that is intertwined with a vocal and expressive ability of true Big that overwhelms the audience in a show lasting over two hours.
This new “Tutti per Uno” format highlights the musical tastes of the three and gives us a glimpse of the history of incredible international music.
PIERO, a lyrical range and technical precision that make him ready to take on great roles in Italian melodrama. In particular, he leaves us speechless with his interpretation of “Mamma, il vino è generous”, an aria taken from Pietro Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana. (I’m sorry for those who dispute this simply because of archaic mental prototypes).
IGNAZIO, or “the voice”. Disarming vocal extension with a tightness even in the high notes that leaves you speechless. The star of the stage with his jokes and his irony who also doesn’t fail to make us cry with a splendid reinterpretation of “At least you in the universe” by Mia Martini.
GIANLUCA, always fascinating (but since super in love also very tender) takes us into the world of the Beatles, of the legendary Elvis Presley without leaving out precious jewels of Italian song such as “La cura” by Battiato of which he does an intense and highly emotional revisitation with a voice that enchants you from the first notes also for its truly enveloping timbre.
Great music, great voices, great stage performance… a show to absolutely see.
The only sadness: very few young people in the audience and this must make us reflect a lot on the fact that it is necessary to “educate” the new generations about good music by giving them the critical ability to distinguish the difference between real music, real artists and pseudo artists.

And finally a truly truthful review, which leaves nothing to chance.
The writer does not report “hearsay”, she was present at the concert and was impressed in a very positive sense. ☺
The comments on the voices and personalities of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are very beautiful and spot on.
I had the impression, reading this review, that the writer did not have any restrictions or impediments to write what she saw at full speed.
I was very happy, even elated, it’s been a long time since we read such a beautiful and accurate review.
In recent days, after the concerts in Milan, there have been many positive comments and even good reviews, but this is certainly the best.
There was another nice review, but in that one, I had the impression that whoever wrote it, while paying many compliments to the boys, justified their success because they use “popular” songs that aim for the heart and harmonies to very long times……..well, I don’t agree, being successful in Italy with the repertoire that Il Volo presents is not at all easy, in fact it isn’t easy at all because here, everything that it is part of our tradition is considered old, out of fashion. And what about their harmonies…. they are unbeatable and I challenge our other Italian singers to do similar ones.
The final reflection of the article DEJAVU is very beautiful, it’s true, our young people are not used to listening to beautiful songs even by recent song writers, if they don’t have rap or urban rhythms, in short rhythms that are successful now here in Italy.
Our young people don’t listen to Il Volo at all, also due to the denigrating campaign that Il Volo has had from the press which has always defined them as “old”.
But people are tired of the new rhythms, which have also brought rudeness, vulgarity and inelegance.
Something is changing and our favorites are getting more and more support and this makes me really happy.

In the meantime, you will think that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will be deservedly resting, after 6 concerts and in view of the concert in Zurich on the 17th………. this is not really the case.
Three days after the concerts in Milan, Gianluca gave a performance, singing Hallelujah alone during a fund-raising square party in Ascoli Piceno.
“Just over a month after the concert with Il Volo in Piazza del Popolo, I find myself here in this wonderful city for a special appointment with Dardust. Please follow us, there will be lots of guests.”
 And here are some brief pieces of the song.


This event is organized by Dardust (he is a pianist, as well as an excellent modern composer and producer well known in Italy). It is a memorial in memory of a boy who died of leukemia and the proceeds will go to AIL, the Italian Leukemia Association.
In his performance, Gianluca is accompanied on the piano by Dardust (it’s a stage name, in reality his name is Dario Faini).
GIANLUCA= Thank you for your presence and solidarity, the goodness can also be perceived from here.
DARDUST= Thank you.
GIANLUCA= And then thank you also for the welcome and love you gave us in our concert which was held here in Ascoli with Il Volo almost two months ago. Thanks so much for the support, thanks again.
(A warm hug between Dardust and Gianluca)

Gianluca with Dardust and Saturnino . On the fifth evening in Milan, Saturnino performed as a guitarist, accompanying Ignazio in the song “You Make Me Feel”.

In this photo, Gianluca is next to Giorgia, a very good Italian singer (the song E POI that Ignazio sings in concert is hers). Giorgia performed in the final part of the event.

In this photo Gianluca hugs Giorgia and shows the photo taken with Giorgia 15 years ago on his cell phone.
Well done Gianluca, even participating in this event honors you.
But that’s not all, Il Volo has announced that on the evening of Saturday 16th he will be in Verona and will participate in the Tim Music Awards.

So on Saturday evening we will see them on TV together with many other singers and the following day they will be in concert in Zurich………in short, never a moment’s break!!
Speaking of the concert in Zurich, Il Volo was interviewed by RSI musica, a truly beautiful interview, activate the English subtitles and rejoice. ☺

I really liked this interview, the place chosen was beautiful, the interviewer Isabel Piazza was good and our dear Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero were wonderful and very relaxed, they answered exhaustively and always with education and depth to the beautiful and interesting questions. TOP! ❤❤❤

And after this nice interview, I can go back to translating the RTL 102.5 interview.
See you soon: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.





Columns, Fountains & Fireworks by Susan

This was not the story I had planned for this week, but the events of this last week presented itself as the story that was needed.

And what a story it was…. 

Finally, Eurovision came back to Italy and the guys were invited to perform at the Eurovision 2022 semifinals. The excitement mounted. The guys were ready to go. They were presenting their new English version of “Grande Amore” ~ “You are My Everything,” for the first time!

On the morning of rehearsals, the guys showed up at the theater and presented themselves for COVID tests! Piero ~ Negative! Ignazio ~ Negative! Gianluca ~ Positive!!! How can it be. Just the day before he was negative. A big disappointment. Gianluca had to return to Montepagano and go into isolation.
So that’s how the event started for the guys but for us, it was just like any other day. The guys were going to Eurovision, after seven years, and we were so excited for them.

Of course, Gianluca never missing an opportunity to post a photo, let us know he had arrived in Torino.
The morning of rehearsals, we waited to see the three arrive on stage but, the clock was ticking, and no guys. `
Then the news started to break. One of the trio tested positive!

The chatter begins!

Which one. No one was saying. People start to speculate. Of course, they put Gianluca at the bottom of the list because he already had COVID. If not Gianluca then it had be one of the tenors. But which one?
Then word came out that two would perform. So, the chatter starts again, and we all speculate. There were so many stories out there it was hard to keep up with it!
Finally, we receive word that there will be a press conference. The minute Ignazio and Piero walked up to the mike we knew the answer.

The Interviews

Things really started to move after that. So many interviews. So many questions! We can’t talk about all the interviews, so I chose one that I thought was really good….
Radio 102.5 interviewed Piero and Ignazio in Torino and Ginaluca in Montepagano. This interview was informative and sometimes very funny.  It is very long but I will give you just a piece of the interview. (If you would like to read the whole interview, please go to www.ilvoloflightcrw.com and read Daniela’s story ESC 2022 An Important Evening)
Man: They are connected with us, in this moment Ignazio and Pietro (he gets the name wrong) of Il Volo, good morning.

Woman: Good morning, Ignazio, good morning, Piero.
Ignazio: We are Peter and Paul. (Ignazio tries to point out that the man got Piero’s name wrong. He called him Pietro)
Woman: Piero and Ignazio, Piero and Ignazio, good morning.
Man: Ok, are you okay?
Ignazio: We are in an unpublished version.

Man: You have become a duo, but be careful, because from Argentina (meaning from afar) he is connected with us: Gianluca Ginoble. (Gianluca is actually in Montepagano)
Gianluca: Argentina: mucho gusto!
Man: Mucho gusto: Carramba what a surprise. (They are referring to a very successful program “Carramba what a surprise” that united people over great distances)
Woman: First question, how are you Gianluca? I see you in great shape.
Gianluca: And less badly, if this is Covid, welcome to Covid.
Woman: (she and the man begin a sentence together) We can say, excuse a moment, (she turns to her man colleague), we can say one thing: what bad luck Gianluca!
Gianluca: Okay, but look, apart from that I’m sorry to see this situation. Yesterday I went away suddenly, now I’m at home, here in Abruzzo. Having to leave the Eurovision stage and leave the boys….
Woman: No, oh well ….
Gianluca: We didn’t miss the train, the passage (on TV) is the most important thing, but not being able to live this life experience, this strong emotion, in front of 200 million people, is really frustrating. It will strengthen me I must tell you.
Woman: Yes, it will certainly strengthen you, the period is what it is, I have to tell you, but you will be there in some way.
Ignazio: But not on stage …
Man: You stay wider.
Ignazio: We are wider.
Gianluca: They will be IL VO–…

Man: Actually, there are 6 letters, (IL VOLO) so 2 + 2 + 2 minus 2 the account returns. But it is an opportunity, let’s say in bad luck as Federica said before….
Woman: Let’s say things as they are!
Man: ….to experience augmented reality, correct?
Ignazio: Absolutely.
Man: What did you invent, Ignazio? (Meaning how did you resolve the problem)
Ignazio: Later I’ll tell you what we came up with. But also, the good fortune of doing Eurovision sitting from the living room, is not for everyone!
Woman: Got it!
Man: Gianluca’s luck you mean?
Gianluca (interrupts): It also happened in 2012, remember?
Ignazio (interrupts): May I?
Woman: Go, go, let’s put order
Ignazio: Thanks to the technology of 2022 we were able to make a video which will be behind us. I must say thanks to our production who did a great job and also all of Eurovision’s production.
Woman:  Listen, can you tell me how things unfolded yesterday? Have you taken the control ordinance test?
Gianluca: I took the test before leaving, the day before yesterday, and it was negative.
I take the flight from Rome, I arrive in Torino, I land, and we do the test as soon as we arrive at the sports hall and unfortunately, they tell me that, I was POSITIVE.
I had to leave, immediately and go home.
Man: But you look well, you are fine, apart from slightly tired eyes which I believe is more from anger than from Covid ….
Gianluca: Oh yes.
Man: Pietro (he’s still using the wrong name), we didn’t hear you.
Piero: I listened.

Ignazio:  Why do you call him Pietro, understood? He is Piero.

(Just a little aside here. As you know, Ignazio does not handle it well when someone says your name wrong or changes it. You will remember in an old interview, the interviewer kept calling them Il Bolo. Finally Ignazio lashed out at him with a few choice words saying the name is IL VOLO, IL VOLO not Il Bolo)
Man: Oh, sorry, yes Piero sorry, but is it Piero as a first name or is it Pietro?
Piero: I am Piero by baptism.
Man: So, I was really wrong (he finally got it) sorry!
Piero: I was interested in these moments, I’m happy to show how deep our relationship is.
When the (positive) news arrived, the common thought of all three of us was: ‘Guys, it doesn’t matter what is happening, the important thing is to bring this home, bring this event home.’ It could have happened to anyone of us. We are in a rather delicate period and therefore, in this situation, yes ok, as Ignazio says technology in 2022, but there a common goal, that is to carry forward our name, IL VOLO, and bring home such an important passage, music, is such an important message, we couldn’t have done it without the technology. 

Yes, the technicians did a great job, but the priority is our relationship, our common goal, which is our strength.

Woman: Exactly, this is very true and in any case it is news and tonight everyone will be waiting to see what you have invented and in the end you always have to look at the glass half full, see the positive side of things, as far as situations are concerned, clearly not like this in the specific, which in the end, as you can see, is resolved, but like the one that the world has experienced in these two years.
Listen, you will bring the new (English) version of Grande Amore.
Piero: Yes, we contacted our friend Enrico Melozzi, you know we are always used to hearing the classic version of Grande Amore, it’s not easy to make another version, you know it’s really difficult to do a good job ….
They play a clip of “You Are My Everything.”
Man: Standing ovation for Il Volo!
Woman: Guys what a bomb! (A bomb is a good thing in Italian)
Man: Strong, strong. Strong this version.
Woman:  Really beautiful!
Gianluca: And then from a charge, especially singing it on the Eurovision stage, we can’t wait to perform, and we will give our best to try to surprise and excite people.
Piero: This joke is beautiful Gianluca!
Man: Yes, this joke is beautiful! Fantastic. Anyway, you will be there, and it will be exciting to listen to you again tonight.

Gianluca goes digital!

And, so, the announcement is made that Gianluca would join them digitally! That makes sense because during COVID, the guys performed for us from their separate homes. It was great.
According to the executive producer Rai Claudio Fasulo, and Ignazio’s explanation in the interview, they found a solution to their problem by setting up a digital link which allowed Gianluca to sing in a sort of half virtual performance. There but not quite there!

The Staging

The stage needed to be set up to allow for Gianluca’s digital performance, but it also needed to allow space for Piero and Ignazio to move around.
So, what was on the stage? Columns, Fountains & Fireworks! The background consisted of the sun which sometimes was stationary and sometimes rotating. This rotating sun and the celestine columns were used to center Piero and Ignazio. Gianluca was on the edge of the sun just behind the columns.
Because the video of Gianluca needed a lot of space, the stage was tight, and Piero and Ignazio could not move around the way they normally do, but everyone was so interested in the song going back and forth between Gianluca on video and Piero and Ignazio on stage that no one noticed they weren’t moving around the way they normally do.

How did it all come off?

It seems to me every performance for the guys now is a spectacular event! Remember how they came on stage in Verona in a spectacular display of colored light! In Verona it was red and gold, and now it was blue and white! This seems to be the draw and the secret.

Their performance began with a spectacular show of lights, fireworks and fountains all alive! The stage was alive in blue lights and white fireworks! And the fountains danced below the main stage.
In the middle of the spectacular firework display and dancing fountains, Piero and Ignazio arrive on stage.

Ignazio greets Torino….

Ciao Torino!

Projected on the wall behind the columns and sun is Gianluca and he begins to sing….

The song!

The new arrangement of “Grande Amore by the maestro Enrico Melozzi, captures a new feeling in the English version “You Are My Everything”. Melozzi replaced the violins with the electric guitars revolutionizing the arrangement and giving new life to a song that marked the career of Il Volo.  The guys left behind the bel canto and presented a new unexpected energy. The guys turned “rock.”

The song speaks for itself. “You Are My Everything” captures the feeling of Grande Amore while presenting a new and truly amazing song. The words are very deep and capture the essence of a “great love.” The “rock” piece gives new light to an old Classic made popular by Il Volo. Like everything they do it is spectacular!
I have to say one journalist said it best, “The power of the three voices would have been enough to make the moment.” I think he was complementing the guys while not appreciating the whole effect.
I agree to some degree because their voices are spectacular, but we appreciate all the added effects. The effects were spectacular but, in the end, given their magnificent voices, the effects were not needed. That is to their great credit!  Their voices are all that is needed!
The reason for the spectacular show….
Within the confines of Eurovision, this presentation makes us understand what Eurovision all is about. Power, stage, lights, wardrobe and cameras. And this song fit in perfectly!

The performance of Il Volo, on a stage amid Columns, Fountains and Fireworks, brought back visions of Eurovision 2015 and what is now their great classic “Grande Amore.” The fans at home and abroad identify the Italian music of Il Volo with ‘bel canto’ and now they have a new and more modern version of “Grande Amore” in “You Are My Everything” which crosses over and presents the “more rock” style of Il Volo.

And what better way to end the show than Ignazio giving a shout out to Gianluca….

Ciao, Gianlu….

An absolutely fantastic performance!

Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!
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OK, it was news that I was hoping it would not come, I had to wait a few days to make this post, because the disappointment was really great and the thing had to be metabolized.
Surely you have all already read and are aware of the news, but it seemed right to talk about it together, maybe talking about it seems less bad.

On Monday 3 May, Volomusic (the official website of Il Volo) published the news that all the Italian concerts that were scheduled for 2020 and already moved, due to the pandemic, to 2021, will be further moved to 2022.


Here is the official news:
Accordingly to the current Anti Covid rules, the “10 Years – Live” tour planned for the 2021 is postponed to the next year, 2022.
All tickets already sold will be valid for the new dates.
Please find below the first confirmed dates for 2022, in agreement with the Verona Arena:
-3rd June 2022 at the Verona Arena (recovery of 29th August 2021 at the Verona Arena)
-4th June 2022 at the Verona Arena (recovery 30th August 2021 at the Verona Arena)
By Within the 15th May 2021, the new 2022 dates will be communicated for the following cities:
-Taormina (recovery of 4th and 5th September 2021)
-Turin (recovery of 16th October 16 2021)
-Rome (recovery of 20th October 2021)
-Milan (recovery of 23rd October 2021)
Thanks everyone for your support!

Left to right: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio on stage

Within minutes, the tam tam of the news had already gone around the world and I received messages to confirm the news (unfortunately) from one continent to another.
So the nice concert I had to see on August 30th will be postponed to June 3rd 2022 !! And I know of many American friends who already had tickets for Taormina 2020, moved to 2021 and now to 2022.
After having patiently waited for a whole year, and having passed a terrible winter studded with so much bad and very bad news, we began to see a light at the end of this tunnel, also thanks to the spread of vaccines, and instead our hopes were dashed.

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero walking thru a hallway

Certainly it is not the fault of Il Volo, which is working to surprise us and which has already been denied the concert in the beautiful square in front of the Vatican in Rome, and which still does not know if the public will be present in the Arena in Verona.
It is well known that performing in front of a large festive audience gives you an incredible charge of adrenaline, it is quite another thing to perform “behind closed doors”.
So, the only opportunity here in Italy, this year, to attend a live concert of Il Volo is only that of the tribute concert to Morricone on June 4th.
The mayor of Verona is doing everything in his power to expand the number of people admitted to the concerts, from 1000 to 6000. I read his heartfelt letter that he published, asking for the support of all the government representatives of the Veneto region (where the Arena is).

Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero singing on the Sanremo 2015 stage

On May 6, I heard the mayor himself speaking on Radio 102.5. He said that the Arena must restart and that he is responsible, not only as mayor, but also as supervisor for the Arena and therefore he says he has done everything so that there are no contagion problems and therefore he wants people to be admitted, at least 6000, and that their ticket (which will be nominative) is also proof for returning home after the hours set for the curfew (currently 10:00 pm).
Meanwhile, other news has arrived, because it has been published that on 11 May Il Volo will be in the Arena in Verona, and will record a video to announce the concert on 5 June and on that occasion they will also sing “Il canto degli italiani”, that is the Italian national anthem, which will be broadcast by RAI on 2 June, Republic Day here in Italy. Of course, the shooting in the Arena will be done without an audience (too bad).
But why was 11 May chosen to do these shots?

Special Appointment notice from Verona Arena

It is not a date chosen at random, but it is a symbolic date of a great anniversary.
On 11 May 1946, the Scala in Milan reopened to the public after the Liberation and the end of the war. Seventy-five years later, in the difficult period we all live in, the Verona Arena is fighting to reopen.
Here is the heartfelt appeal, published by the Verona Arena.
THE APPEAL – “We make this appeal with an objective, within our reach and that of our Authorities: that the Arena of Verona, in order not to die, can welcome at least 6,000 spectators in its shows until midnight – TO THE ARENA IN 6 THOUSAND UNTIL 24.00 – and that its first international event, Il Volo – Tribute to Ennio Morricone, scheduled for Saturday 5 June and broadcast in Italy and the United States of America, can take place with this public presence, to spread abroad an encouraging image of our country.”
Overhead view of Verona Arena
And then there is more, in the last two days there have been photos taken in Rome by our boys, in particular, pieces of videos that filmed Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero on a beautiful day in Villa Borghese, in the beautiful park , but why? Maybe a relaxating ride ??
But these little messages that our boys send us (thanks again Gianluca!), Are always small traces to make us understand that they are doing something ………….. in fact in fact here is the news that I have translated from ANSA from Brazil.:
Tenor trio Il Volo surprised fans on Wednesday 5 May by appearing in the gardens of Villa Borghese, a park located in Rome, Italy, to record a video dedicated to Brazil. The content of the clip has not been revealed, but the filming took place between the Italians who practiced physical exercises and the workers who rested for lunch. During the recording break, Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone greeted and wished “good training” to all the citizens who stopped the race to watch them. At least 15 people participated in the making of the video dedicated to Brazil, a country that the tenors, famous for giving a pop touch to classical music, have already declared their love several times.

Villa Borghese Park in Rome

Mamma mia, what a nice surprise for those who had the pleasure of seeing them and maybe making the video with them.
It will be a nice surprise also for the Brazilian fans, who will see Il Volo on video, we hope it can be seen by us too !!
Left to right: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio at the Rome airport
This photo, taken by Gianluca (thanks Gian), I can’t believe it was posted by Ignazio!
Beautiful and smiling, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca, at the Rome airport, impossible to know the direction, but in the meantime let’s enjoy their smiling faces and we notice with joy that Ignazio’s eyebrow is healed and there are no piercing !!😁😉
That’s all for now, lots of bad and good news, I must say this post started out sad, but then, seeing their smiling faces in Rome cheered us up, a smile was also formed on our faces, that smile that will make us wait patiently for the moment when we will see them again. ❤️

🌸 Auguri per la festa della mamma!! 🥰🥰


Left to right: Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero collage of all three of them smiling



This post was ready to be published, when the organization of the Verona Arena published that they had the green light to admit 6000 people, so good news, now I hope to be admitted to purchase these tickets !!!
The Arena communiqué ends with these words:
“With the Il Volo event, live in Italy and also broadcast in the USA from the Arena on June 5, we want to give an encouraging image of Italy.”

Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero with the president and dignitaries from the Marche region in front the Abbey of San Vittore in Genga

This photo instead was published today by the president of the Marche region. There are with him:  Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in Genga. Genga is the place where there are the beautiful and famous Frasassi Caves !!!
This photo was taken in front of the Abbey of San Vittore.
Could there be a collaboration with Il Volo?
We’ll see: Daniela 

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.